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Using shortlists

As you browse around this website you can build up your own personal shortlist of services and activities to display here. Using shortlists is a bit like using the shopping basket function on online shopping sites. Shortlists provide a good way of collecting together information about services which may be of interest to you. When you are viewing your shortlist, you can display a summary version or a detailed version of the shortlist by selecting the appropriate link. You can also send the shortlist to your printer to get a printed version of your list.

You can add items to your shortlist by clicking the 'Add to shortlist' button displayed alongside each item on your search hit lists or when viewing the details of an item. Items are removed by selecting 'Remove from list' alongside that item.

Your shortlist information is stored by your browser (in a cookie) one year from the date of your last visit to the site. You can clear the shortlist, and therefore the information held in the cookie, at anytime by going to the shortlist and selecting 'Clear shortlist' from the onscreen options.

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