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St Thomas More RC Upper School

Here at St Thomas More we believe that all students have an equal right to the richness of life whatever their level of understanding, ability or need. We have established whole school policies where students, parents and staff work together in a positive atmosphere allowing all of our students to grow to their fullest potential.

Please visit the School's website via the link for more information.

01234 400222

Wixams Academy

Our vision is to provide all of our students with a first-class academic education comparable with the very best schools nationally. We also aim to develop those skills and qualities in our students’ character which, hand-in-hand with exam qualifications, will deliver success and resilience in later life.
When our students leave us, they will be fully qualified, motivated and personally equipped to succeed in life and contribute to a rapidly changing world.
Our values

• Determination
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Community
• Honesty
• Compassion

01234 608950 ext 161

Wootton Academy

To support and challenge every learner at all times to achieve their personal best leading to improved life and career opportunities.

• Excellence - outstanding student progress and achievement
• Enrichment - education of the whole student
• Independence - nurturing initiative in students’ attitudes to learning
• Opportunity - success regardless of background
• Equality - a safe place to value and celebrate diversity
• Community - students, staff, parents, governors, directors and other Local people working together
• Partnerships - collaborative relationships with other organisation’s
• Continuity - celebrating our traditions whilst embracing the new
• Celebration - recognising student achievement
• Integrity - in all that we do

01234 767123 Ext 243

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