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Bedford Harriers AC

Provision of coached athletic sessions geared towards endurance running. Targeted to adults 18 or over.

01234 742507

Wilstead Children's Centre

Early Childhood Partnership Bedford offers a full range of FREE services to expectant parents/carers and families with children up to the age of 5.

03003 230245

Wilstead Pre-school Playgroup

At Wilstead Pre-School Playgroup we aim to provide a warm, friendly and safe environment for all children. Our highly motivated team of staff help children develop independence, confidence, resilience and self esteem. Children have access to a wonderful range of activities and resources indoors and outdoors giving them every opportunity to achieve their full potential. Children of all abilities have the right of equal access and we respect the individuality and diversity of all our children and families.

To ensure better outcomes for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families, we work closely with parents and outside professionals to observe and assess children to ensure that we provide targeted support to meet the specific needs of the individual child. Following referral and initial assessment we provide the agreed support to each child, this includes 1:1 support. We ensure that we have appropriate resources to engage Children with SEN in targeted activities to achieve these targets. We keep records of progress and review progress regularly with parents, carers and professional to ensure the needs of each child are met.

01234 742546

Wilstead Primary School

Wilstead Primary School values the uniqueness of all pupils offering a broad and balanced curriculum for all. We are committed to giving every child opportunities to achieve the highest standards by taking into account pupils varied life experiences and needs. We believe in promoting the individuality of all of our children regardless of disability, gender or background enabling all children to reach their full potential.

01234 302303