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North Hertfordshire College

North Hertfordshire College provides specialist courses for young people aged 16-25 with learning difficulties and disabilities (LDD) within the Supported Studies department. It is a very well-established and high performing department with a range of entry level courses offered to students with moderate and severe learning difficulties.

The aim is to provide opportunities for students to develop their independent living and employability skills, to gain self-confidence, to access the local community and to develop friendships in order to fully prepare them for adulthood. Close working relationships with local employers and other providers ensure that young people are provided with a rich curriculum which includes work-based learning as part of work experience or whilst on a supported internship or working for a number of college enterprise initiatives.

North Hertfordshire College is unique in offering supported housing at Briar Patch in Letchworth which is run in partnership with Genesis Housing. Students aged 18 – 25 learn independent living skills in their home at Briar Patch whilst attending a college course and can live there for between 1- 4 years before progressing to alternative and less supported housing provision within the local area or other parts of Hertfordshire.

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