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Gateopener - Bedford and District Cerebral Palsy Society

GATEOPENER is an information and support service for families in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire whose lives are affected by Cerebral Palsy and associated disabilities.

It provides information, emotional and practical support and advocacy This ranges from ad-hoc requests for information, attendance at key meetings and appointments (e.g. at hospital, school and social care assessments), to form filling, funds finding, casework and key working for families. This support is provided where it best suits the family at any given time, so can be at home, at BDCPS or at a neutral location. The support can be a one off or ongoing.

Each month there is a free parent/carer breakfast get together usually at The Tavistock in Bedford. Here parents can get together, share stories and support each other over a breakfast. A Gateopener staff member will be there for anyone who may need information or support. Children under school age are welcome to come along to these groups.

There are also other get togethers organised at the request of parent/carers e.g. a Dads male carers bowling get together. Training or specific information sessions can also be arranged and facilitated by BDCPS e.g. moving and handling.

There are two “Gateopener” staff members.

01234 351759