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Kempston Youth Centre

Kempston Youth Centre is a multi purpose building used by a range of Bedford Borough Council teams and external organisations to deliver youth projects, family & parenting courses, informal learning and training. The youth centre is fully wheelchair accessible and available to hire.

01234 718668


We support over 13,500 disabled children, young people and their families every year by delivering over 120 services throughout England.

KIDS is unique; there is no other organisation dedicated to providing such an extensive range of services to disabled children and young people, aged 0-25 years, irrespective of their impairment or condition.

North Beds Toy Library

We are a small local charity (No 267822) which lends sensory aid equipment and toys to stimulate children with special needs to use in their homes with supervision from parents/carers. Local organisations have raised money so we can purchase the equipment from recognised manufacturers. We do not charge as we are a charity but do accept donations.

01234 407152

Parent/Carer Breakfast - Bedford and District Cerebral Palsy Society

Parent Carer breakfasts are a monthly opportunity for parents/carers of disabled children (of any age) to meet up with friends, share stories, hints and tips and support each other. A full cooked breakfast and bottomless drinks are on offer too. This is held at The Tavistock, Tavistock Road, Bedford from 9.30 a.m.
The breakfasts are held during the fourth week of any month in term time. The days alternate within that week so that it is accessible to those with regular commitments on certain days. Members will receive an email with dates and it is also posted on the BDCPS Face Book page.
Parents with children under school age can bring them along including siblings. There is a “Gateopener” support worker available for any requests for information and support.
Ocassionally BDCPS will at the request of parent/carers set up other groups or opportunities e.g. Christmas Shop and Lunch at MK with care for any under school age children required so that parents/carers can enjoy the experience.
During the summer holidays throughout the play scheme at Ridgeway School from 9.30a.m. There are two breakfasts a week. Due to the lack of cooking facilities these breakfasts are continental. Parents/carers dropping off children can go into the staff room and a team of staff and volunteers will serve them with a choice of breakfast goodies whilst they get together with friends or meet new people. Parents/carers not using the play scheme are also welcome to drop in there are usually volunteers or staff that can help if they bring a child/children.
The dates for these are sent out in the play scheme newsletter, emailed to members and posted onto the BDCPS Face Book page (people just have to “ like it” and you will get to know what we BDCPS is up to)

01234 351759

Skool’s Out

Skool’s Out is a specialist holiday play scheme for young people with Cerebral Palsy and associated disabilities living in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire aged 8 to 19 years. It takes place for three weeks during the summer holidays at Ridgeway Special School, Hill Rise, Kempston, Bedford. There are also Skool’s Out Schemes for two days at February, June and October half terms and a week’s scheme during Easter.

Skool’s Out gives the opportunity for young people to spend time having fun with friends, meeting new people and trying out a range of new things. It also gives parents a few hours break knowing that their child is safe, will have their needs met and have fun.

Activities are fun and varied, ranging from arts, crafts, outdoor sports, soft play, sensory activities, music, trips. Activities are all needs led taking into account the needs of each young person attending on that particular day. The timetables are set up based on young people’s feedback, choices and their aspirations. BDCPS prides itself on taking young people’s ideas and working with them on how can this be achieved.

The young people attending are also encouraged to take part in organising activities that they want to do in addition to the schemes. These could be trips to the theatre, days out, music concerts, sports events etc.

Safeguarding is taken very seriously. Each young person will have a volunteer or member of staff available if needed and parents are not required to stay. All staff and volunteers are trained to meet the basic needs of the young people for example; safeguarding and epilepsy awareness. Paid staff are also trained to provide first aid, personal care, tube feeds and administration of medication and emergency medication and wherever possible any other requirement of the young person.

Skool’s out has also offered some dates to siblings of those at the schemes over the summer and to disabled children 5 – 8 years where capacity allows. These are still at the pilot stage and BDCPS is registering interest for these in order to develop the projects.

01234 351759


"Breaking down barriers through play." Stampede is a specialist monthly youth club for young people aged 5 to 19. Stampede takes place on the first Saturday of every month from 10am - 1pm. Activities are fun and varied, ranging from arts and crafts, sports and games, outdoor walks and nature activities, themed sessions, trips out to access the local community, music etc.

01234 351759

Urban Safari

With our amazing facts and professional animal handlers we visit schools, college’s, nurseries, children's centres and groups, SEN's, residential homes, clubs, private parties, corporate events, Fete’s and festivals fun days, promotional events, photo shoots, film work, Team Building, phobia sessions, Weddings and much more.

The main emphasis of our sessions is to be as hands on as possible, therefore giving you and your participants a truly memorable and empowering experience never to be forgotten.

01234 823004 / 07913 705378 / 07940 282094

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