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Bedford Hospital

If you choose Bedford you can be certain of high quality clinical care and treatment in clean, comfortable surroundings. We our proud of our short waiting times, excellent medical and nursing staff, ample car parking, which is free for disabled patients and visitors, and we are in easy reach by car, bus or train. We provide a wide range of services from our modern facilities including maternity, vascular (vein) services and cancer care. Our focus is on providing high quality clinical services and support for patients.

These trusts also provide services at Bedford Hospital South Wing

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Tel:020 7253 3411

East London NHS Foundation Trust
Tel:020 7655 4000

01234 355122

Community Eye Service

The Community Eye Service cares for children from 0 - 16 years of age with strabismus, lazy eye (amblyopia) and vision defects. If a child/young person has special needs they can be seen until the age of 19 if they remain in education. The team comprises of orthoptists, orthoptic support workers, community ophthalmologists and specialist paediatric optometrists.

The Orthoptic support workers screen the vision of all children attending mainstream lower/primary schools between the age of 4-5 years.

To develop good eyesight, it is important that eye problems are identified and treated at an early age, as defects which may cause squints or strabismus- (where one eye turns in/out), often run in families or are associated with other special needs. The term lazy eye is often used to describe one eye that is not developing good vision, this is also known as Amblyopia.

Following referral, we will offer your child an initial assessment and, together, we will plan your child’s on going eye care. The treatment plan will then be reviewed regularly to improve your child’s eyes as much as possible. After your first visit to see the orthoptist your child will probably have a further appointment to see the ophthalmologist or optometrist. For this next check eye drops may be needed to enlarge the pupils. The ophthalmologist will examine the eyes to ensure they are healthy and prescribe glasses, if required. Each eye is checked to see if it is healthy and to see if your child needs glasses to correct long/short sight or astigmatism, the children’s glasses prescription voucher (HESP) will be issued.

The orthoptist will monitor the child’s eye problem, offering advice and non-surgical treatment, in order to maximise your child’s visual development. Where a child has a condition where the vision cannot be improved the team will work with other professionals to ensure the child visual capabilities are understood. The Community Eye service orthoptists work closely with the ophthalmologists and optometrists in the Community eye Service and at the Moorfields at Bedford Paediatric Eye Clinic.

01234 897445

Healthwatch Bedford Borough

Healthwatch is the consumer champion, for both health and social care services for children and adults living in England. At a local level Healthwatch Bedford Borough (HBB) will:-

• Enable all people of all ages to share their views and concerns about local health and social care services such as GPs, dentists, pharmacists hospitals, day care services and care homes.
• Help and support Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group to make sure that services really are designed to meet the local communities needs.
• Provide authoritative, evidence-based feedback to organisations responsible for commissioning or delivering local health and social care services.
• Be inclusive - we know that people can feel excluded from services and we know that access to services is not always equal. Healthwatch will reflect the diversity of the community it serves.

01234 718018

Matron Paediatrics

Riverbank Paediatric Unit is an acute paediatric unit which provides the following universally available services for children between the ages of 0-18:
• Acute children’s assessment unit which takes referrals from GPs, Emergency Department and also has an open access service for children with long term chronic conditions.
• Inpatient facility for the care of children with acute medical conditions.
• Nurse led ambulatory care (2 clinics per week) which delivers booked care on a day case basis.
• Children’s surgery including:
o General surgery
o Urology
o Specialist orthopaedic surgery
o Trauma and orthopaedics
• Specialist nurse service including outreach service for:
o Oncology
o Diabetes
o Respiratory
o Rheumatology
o Epilepsy
Many of the children who regularly present to the unit have special educational needs. We have close links with the Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Parent Carer Forums.
The unit has a team of Play staff who will devise play and distraction suitable for a chaild’s developmental age.
There is a busy Paediatric outpatient service which is staffed by Registered Sick Children’s Nurses.
We have a philosophy of care closer to home and where possible we aim to get children in their own homes with the necessary supportive services as soon as possible.
From Autumn2014 the unit will have a full time Clinical Psychologist who will provide emotional and mental health support to children and young people with chronic and complex health needs.

01234 355122

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