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Renhold Pre-School

Renhold VC Primary School has a Pre-School on site which caters for children aged 3 years to 4+. This is an extremely popular and well-resourced group, which is operated by the school. Children benefit from the continuity of playgroup to school, both socially and academically. Playgroup children have access to the school hall and field and participate in some school events; likewise older brothers and sisters may watch younger members of their family participate in events such as sports days. If you would like your child to attend our pre-school, please contact the Pre-School Administrator, Vicky Thompson. It is not necessary to send your child to the school in order to attend the playgroup or vice-versa, although of course there are advantages in that the child knows the school and some of his fellow-class mates.

01234 771724

Rushmoor School

At Rushmoor we aim to enable pupils to acquire the knowledge, wisdom and self-discipline appropriate for life-long learning, employment and adult life. To achieve this aim we ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to develop their intellectual, physical and creative gifts, across a broad and balanced curriculum.

We promote the personal development of pupils, encouraging lively and enquiring minds, respect for themselves and others as well as a high regard for truth. We encourage self-confidence, integrity, social responsibility and awareness in students. Pupils learn to show respect and active concern for their school surroundings and for the wider environment.

High Standards
Our aim is to provide an environment in which every pupil can achieve the highest standards in all aspects of school life in preparation for the challenges of the future. The stability and security of continuous education on one site, spanning the age range from 2 – 16 years is a major factor in helping us achieve this.

Developing the Individual
We place a major emphasis on the individual, recognising that all children are different, and we value each and every one in their own right. Each child has his or her own talents and abilities and we aim to encourage each one to develop their own special strengths and to grow in confidence and self-esteem to find their role in the community. Happiness is the first essential in this.
Through our pastoral care system, we aim to help each child to develop their potential in both academic and extra-curricular fields by encouragement, understanding and a close working relationship between children, staff and parents.

Whilst every effort is made to draw out the academic potential of each individual, we consider it equally important that the children should grow up to be confident, caring, honest and responsible young people, capable of making a positive contribution to the society in which they live and work.

We strongly uphold the Christian principles in as far as they refer to the way in which we behave towards each other. In practise, it means that we teach our children honesty, integrity, compassion and a true respect for all around them.

01234 352031

SEND TRIBUNAL: Single Route of Redress – National Trial


The Government are extending the powers of the First-tier Tribunal (SEND), sometimes referred to as the ‘SEND Tribunal’, to make non-binding recommendations about the health and social care aspects of Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans as part of a two-year trial. The trial will apply to decisions made or EHC plans issued/amended from 3 April 2018.

To date, you have only been able to appeal the educational aspects of EHC plans. The trial gives you new rights to request recommendations about the health and social care needs and provision specified in EHC plans, in addition to the educational aspects, when making a SEND appeal. This gives you the opportunity to raise all your concerns about an EHC plan in one place.

It is only possible for the Tribunal to consider the health and/or social care aspects of the EHC plan where you are already making an appeal in relation to the education aspects of the EHC plan and the education aspect must remain live throughout the appeal.

0800 035 6051

Special iApps C.I.C.

At Special iApps we develop educational apps for children with special educational needs, including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment and other learning disabilities. Our collection of apps offer a visual-based approach to help children from the first stages of learning about words, numbers, colours, shapes and emotions. The series of follow-up add ons allow children to develop their speech, pronunciation, word recognition and fine motor skills.

01913 757903

St Andrews Nursery

The key purpose of our setting is to offer care and education to children from 6 weeks until 4 years.

We are happy to work with families on an individual basis i.e. regards to any educational needs alongside other professionals who are involved in their care. Their additional requirement are considered when forward planning and where possible offering one to one time or small groups. We do not have any limitation on the amount of time we will support a child and their family.

01234 267272

St Andrew's School

We are a non-selective school for pupils aged between 6 weeks and 18 years. Our school site comprises of a range of buildings and sites.

First and most importantly we value your child as a unique individual. We look for your daughter’s or son’s strengths, academic and personal, and do our utmost to develop these.

At the same time we are sensitive to those aspects of your daughter’s or son’s academic work or personal growth which need further development. With sensitivity and tact we will help your child to make significant progress in these areas.

Our aim is to prepare your daughter or son for a happy and successful adult life, in which her or his personal qualities and values will be as important as her or his academic achievements.

We work with parents to make reasonable adjustments for pupils with additional needs on a case by case basis. On the rare occasion that this is not possible we aim to support parents in finding alternative placements.

01234 267272

St Marks Church Preschool

St Marks Church Preschool, we are full time carers for children aged 2 years - 5 years. We have three rooms all on ground level. There is easy access from the car park for wheelchair users. We have a disabled toilet, big enough to take a wheelchair and carer.

All activities are based around the EYFS. We have just employed a member of staff who is working 1-1 with a child with multiple disabilities.

01234 312634

St Mary's Pre-School

We provide a wide range of activities for children aged 2 – 5 years. We cater for children with SEN and with English as an additional language. We offer a range of indoor and outdoor activities to promote all areas of EYFS.

01234 767158

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