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Rapid Intervention Service

The Rapid Intervention Service is a team that assesses and organises nursing and social care for patients with acute conditions who would otherwise be admitted to hospital.
The service consists of a multi-disciplinary team of nurses and health care assistants, who will attend a patient in their own home to organise and if appropriate, deliver acute home based care.
Within the assessment of patient care if necessary, the Rapid Intervention Team will organise diagnostic tests, organise admission to a community bed or if appropriate an acute setting .
The period of care delivery within the community is up to a maximum of 72 hours and the team will commence discharge planning as soon as patients are admitted to the caseload.
Patients accepted for care under the Rapid Intervention Team will include those with a non-life threatening condition, which would alternatively be admitted to hospital.

0845 602 4064

Riverbank (Paediatric) Ward - Bedford Hospital

The Riverbank Children’s Unit operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provides a child and family-friendly environment with modern, high quality and evidence-based integrated care.

The unit has a strong consultant team who continue to develop our services with our enhanced nursing team.

As well as general paediatrics, each specific service offered at the unit has a consultant lead and named nurses to support clinics and care in Riverbank. We now have consultants with subspecialty expertise and have been developing pathways for children with community and tertiary centre colleagues to deliver care in the most appropriate place for our children.

We also have specialist nurses who provide care both in hospital and in the community for Diabetes, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Oncology and Blood disorders and we are developing these roles in Epilepsy with community colleagues.

01234 792204