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Rapid Intervention Service

The Rapid Intervention Service is a team that assesses and organises nursing and social care for patients with acute conditions who would otherwise be admitted to hospital.
The service consists of a multi-disciplinary team of nurses and health care assistants, who will attend a patient in their own home to organise and if appropriate, deliver acute home based care.
Within the assessment of patient care if necessary, the Rapid Intervention Team will organise diagnostic tests, organise admission to a community bed or if appropriate an acute setting .
The period of care delivery within the community is up to a maximum of 72 hours and the team will commence discharge planning as soon as patients are admitted to the caseload.
Patients accepted for care under the Rapid Intervention Team will include those with a non-life threatening condition, which would alternatively be admitted to hospital.

0845 602 4064

Riverbank (Paediatric) Ward - Bedford Hospital

Riverbank ward is Bedford Hospital’s dedicated short-stay paediatric unit.

Based in the hospital's Cygnet wing, the unit has 16 beds / cots and cares for children and teenagers from 0 to 16 years of age. riverbank

The ward has separate teenager's accommodation which comprises five beds, shower facilities and a separate day room. The ward also has two high-dependency beds for very unwell children and a dedicated children's day surgical service.

The ward also has a playroom and an outside play area.

Patients are cared for by consultants, trained paediatric nurses, play specialists, family care assistants, school teachers and classroom assistants.

01234 355122 ext. 5755