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Tired Out

Tired Out is Family Fund’s new sleep support hub which aims to help parents and carers of disabled children to sleep better. It pulls sleep information and resources together in one place. This includes information about support available to families in their local area, useful sleep tips and a wide range of research, resources and stories from families themselves.

01904 550055

Tissue Viability (Wound Care) Service

The Tissue Viability (Wound Care) Service provides holistic assessment delivered in the community and other care establishments. The team provides specialist assessment, advice, care planning and treatment for patients with active wounds and for those requiring follow up/prevention of further episodes after treatment.
The service also provides specialist support and advice to other professionals for complex wound management e.g. Pressure Ulcers, Diabetic Foot Ulcers, wounds needing sharp debridement, topical negative pressure therapy or larvae therapy.

01234 897418

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