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Childrens Nursing Team at the Child Development Centre

The Children’s Nursing Team at the Child Development Centre (CDC) co-ordinates and supports paediatric clinics for children and their families. Working in partnership with paediatricians and families while waiting for, or following, diagnosis, supporting families at this often difficult time working to support transition into education and universal services.

We provide nursing advice and health promotion and safeguard and promote the welfare of children accessing the service.

The Nursing Team also oversee the Information Room which provides resources regarding specific conditions, support groups and a number of other topics related to special needs for children, young people and their families.

01234 310278

Sensory Impairment Service

The Sensory and Communication Support Team offers a service working across Bedford Borough. The Team consists of specialist teachers, specialist teaching assistants, educational communicators and a resource officer/technician. All staff who work with pupils have specialist qualifications e.g. Teacher of the Deaf, Teacher for Visually Impaired, Teacher for Autism, Braille and sign language qualification, as appropriate. The Team supports children who meet referral criteria from time of diagnosis, which can be as early as a few weeks old, to school leaving age.

The aim of the Team is to support parents, carers and school staff in meeting the needs of children with sensory and communication difficulties who meet referral criteria.

01234 300710