Springfield Primary School

How we support your child's learning

- Pupil progress is monitored by the class Teacher and discussed regularly in meetings with the Head Teacher and senior leaders, so that pupils who are not making expected progress can be targeted.
- Parents can see the class Teacher at the start and the end of each day and this allows parents to have daily contact to address concerns. Parents can also request to meet with the Teacher, SENDCo or Head Teacher when they want to discuss something in length. Additional ways of communication include recording in the pupil’s reading record or sending a message to the Teacher through the Dojo reward system.
- Teacher/parent consultation meetings are held to keep you informed.
- Annual reports go out to the parents of pupils at the end of each school year. Meetings can be arranged for the parents to discuss these.
- Individual targets for your child are discussed with them and you before they are recorded on their IEP. They are reviewed and new targets are written at least three times a year.
- When other professionals come into school and offer advice to help your child, you are invited to meet with them and discuss their findings.

Accessibility of our service

- Building is fully wheelchair accessible.
- We are able to adjust the environment to suit the need of pupils with hearing or visual impairment.
- Other changes to the environment and resources are made to meet the needs of pupils as they arise.
- Parent communications are available in Polish, Italian, Hindi and Punjabi. We endeavour to source interpretation as appropriate.

How we identify SEN

Pupils are identified through:
- Teacher concerns due to lack of progress despite intervention.
- Identification of a significant difficulty in one area.
- Identification from an external agency or professional
- Identification from a previous setting
- Parents can discuss their concerns with the class Teacher, SENDCo and Head Teacher by requesting a meeting with them at anytime.

How we support your child/young person

Provision is planned by the class Teacher, supported by the SENDCo and, where appropriate, other professionals. Support is delivered by staff leading additional interventions and the class staff as appropriate. This support may take place in adult led small groups or on a one to one basis. This support is monitored through a provision map which looks at the success of the additional support pupils receive or through IEPs which are signed and discussed with Parents and the class Teacher at least three times a year. Individual pupils’ progress is discussed regularly at meetings held between class Teachers, senior leaders and the Head Teacher.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

The school follows a creative curriculum and focuses on both Teacher-led and independent learning tasks, which enables pupils to work at their own level of attainment for a large part of the week. Differentiation varies in order to meet the needs of individuals by using a variety of resources and strategies, e.g. the use of clicker resources for a pupil who finds writing difficult or a visual timetable for a pupil who has difficulty understanding written or oral words.

The support we give to your child's well being

- Medical protocols with suitably trained staff, supported by the school nurse.
- Behaviour reward and sanction system across the school, and we have the assistance of a Behaviour Mentor to support individuals as necessary.
- There are many opportunities for pupils’ achievements in all areas in or out of school to be celebrated.
- The School Council give all pupils a voice and their views are sought in individual questionnaires. Pupils with Educational Health Care Plans also give their views at annual reviews.
- Outside agency support is requested for pupils with emotional or social difficulties where appropriate, including Chums, CAMH, Educational Psychologist etc.
- We are a values school, which is embedded in the ethos of Springfield Lower School, and PSHCE lessons reflect this work.
- Playground friends are on hand to support pupils during unstructured breaks and lunchtimes; individual lunch arrangement are in place, where needed.

The expertise we have access to

The school has access to all the professionals available from the Bedford Borough. We also access outside agencies, where appropriate, to meet the needs of pupils. Appropriate training is given to staff in order to meet medical needs, safeguarding and SEN as appropriate.

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

All pupils are encouraged to fully participate in all aspects of school life. All pupils attend school trips and parent helpers are encouraged especially where a one to on support is seen as helpful. The school has appointed an approved outside agency to provide before and after school care, where they provide breakfast and healthy snacks. Pupils from all vulnerable groups are encouraged to attend. After school clubs are available or parents are supported to find an appropriate club outside of school to meet individual needs.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

Transition is supported by:
- Additional visits for pupils
- We invite staff from the new setting to come and observe pupils who will be transferring to their school.
- If we know of a child with SEN who is transferring to Springfield, we will visit them in their previous setting as appropriate.
- For some pupils, books of photographs are supplied which enables pupils to remain familiar with their new setting/staff over the holidays.
- Transition meetings between SENDCos from both settings take place in order to share information on the pupils who are transferring.
- For some individual pupils, meetings are held with all professionals involved prior to their transfer.
- Our nursery liaison assistant visits nursery providers regularly throughout the year.

How we match our resources to your child

Staffing arrangements are made by the Head Teacher, who arranges for staff to be made available to deliver additional provision to meet the needs of pupils. Additional support in small groups or one to one is allocated and identified through pupil progress meetings and reports from outside agencies.
Support can be:
- In class by additional staff.
- By allocating pupils to small ability groups for individual areas of the curriculum
- Additional interventions which are run by additional staff outside of the class
- Adult led individual programs to meet targets set on IEPs
- Individual support to access whole class sessions and to complete differentiated tasks.
The outcomes of this support is measured and discussed at Parent/Teacher consultation meetings.

How we involve parents

The school welcomes the views of parent add the following systems are in place in order for parents to have opportunities to voice them:
- Annual parent questionnaires
- Parent surveys
- Parent governor
- Open door policy
- Open days
- Parent forum
- Daily opportunities to meet with teachers and senior leaders.
- Parents evenings

How we include your child in the planning of their support

Pupils take an active participation in target setting, as appropriate to their level of understanding and maturity. They are encouraged to voice opinions and develop independence as part of the ethos within the school. Pupils are encouraged to review their IEPs alongside the class teacher and set new targets. Children with Educational Health Care Plans are also encouraged to either attend or give their views during annual review meetings. The school has an active school council, which regularly seeks and shares pupil views.

General Contact Information

As previously stated the school has an open door policy. Daily contact is available with the class teacher and meetings can be arranged to discuss your concerns with them. Meetings can also be requested with the SENDCo.
If you are considering whether your child should join the school, please contact the Head Teacher, in the first instance, who can arrange for you to visit the school and answer any questions, which you may have.

Contact for more information

Moira Phillips
Orchard Street, Kempston, Bedfordshire, MK42 7LJ
01234 306000

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