Seed Sowers Training Project

What our service does

We provide work-based training in small friendly groups in a tranquil and safe environment for adults with special needs and/or barriers to employment or independence.
- Activities are in 3 areas: 1)Garden: growing plants for sale and caring for 5 acres of land including stock beds, fruit orchards and meadow. 2)Kitchen: making a wide range of preserves and some cakes for sale. 3)Craft: producing a variety of goods from different materials. All specific and general (transferable) skills are fully taught as we work, including health and safety, food hygiene, environmental care and workplace behaviour.
- We do not have a maximum time for someone to be with us, but we hold regular reviews to ensure that they are still benefitting from the service, and if there are ways in which they can profitably move on eg towards employment, we would endeavour to support them in this as much as possible.

Location of our service

We operate on (or occasionally near) our own site in Bolnhurst. We can take service users from any locality provided they can access the centre. We provide transport to and from the Day Resource Centre, Kimbolton Road, Bedford.

Who our service provides for

We currently take anyone aged 18 or over who is able to physically negotiate the grounds and staircases. Our main groups are those with a learning disability, an autistic spectrum disorder, mental health problems, and ex-offenders. We would direct you to which day would be suitable for you, and/or any other projects we know of who might be an additional or alternative provision.

How to start using our service

Enquiries and informal visits are welcomed from potential service users, families, carers or professional workers. We would require a professional referral before registration, but we encourage people to try one day free of charge before taking the application any further. Any payment method is welcome and we have some limited funds for bursaries where an individual cannot meet our costs. There are currently no waiting lists although we are fairly near our maximum numbers.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

When you come for a trial day our staff will complete an assessment sheet for you and will also discuss your suitability informally. You will be welcome to see the assessment and to know the content of any discussions about you and reasons for any decision.

How we communicate with our service users

Because of our high staff-client ratio (1:3) communication is very good in both informing and receiving ideas from service users. The reviews also give an opportunity for them to talk privately and individually about their progress and any concerns. We welcome visits and/or communications from parents/carers and they can be involved (if service users agree) in reviews and have copies of reports. Our information booklet deals with most issues and as new needs arise we would write both to the service users and their referees or carers.

Accessibility of our service

There is an extremely limited bus service to the village, however we operate return transport from Bedford. There are parking facilities and the building itself is wheelchair accessible, however the upstairs and much of the grounds would not be accessible by a wheelchair bound user, and thus our service would not be able to provide for their needs. While we will do our best to cater for eg a disabled parent/carer attending a meeting here, we are not equipped to administer support for special physical needs.

Qualifications and training of our staff

All staff have initial and ongoing training on the needs of our service users, including statutory safeguarding.

General Contact Information

Parents and carers are welcome to contact us at any stage of their young person's connection with us. First point of contact would be Alison Wood or co manager Liz Dobb. Other staff can be introduced on a visit or trial day.

Contact for more information

Alison Wood
Project manager
Stables Christian Centre, Bolnhurst, Bedford, MK44 2ES
01234 376237
Opening Hours:
Mon, Tues and Thurs 9.30 to 3.30

Record Last Reviewed On: 06/04/2017