Success Hides In New Employment Ltd (Shine Ltd)

What our service does

Success Hides In New Employment Ltd is an organisation that supports young people and adults on the Autistic Spectrum as well as other learning disabilities, to find work placements that match their desires and enables them to show their abilities to a wide range of employers.

- Liase with all candidates to discover their dreams, aspirations and skills to enable our team to source the most suitable work placement.
- Support with writing a C.V.
- Full support whilst on work placement.
- Support with Access to Work application (once in paid employment).
- Work with employers to secure permenant employment after a successful work placement.
- Continue to support the candidate once employed for the duration of their probabtion period.

We work closely with companies, colleges, schools and families in Bedford and the surrounding areas.

Additional Information

Success Hides In New Employment Ltd is a family run business that was developed out of a desire to support young people and adults on the autistic spectrum, who may not normally be given an opportunity to show the skills and abilities that most of them clearly want to exhibit.

Our aim is to link them and businesses together, ensuring that both parties get the best experience from the work placement. Through our organisation individuals gain confidence to let their ability shine through, which allows companies to meet a wider range of people they may not normally have the opportunity to.

Contact for more information

01234 965978
Liane- 07968 396249 / David- 07434 260289

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