On Track Education Centre, Silsoe

Mission Statement

On Track aims to enable young people to:

- Experience positive achievement and success in the learning environment

- Acquire diverse skills and knowledge in preparation for adult life

- Develop a positive desire to learn constructively and effectively throughout life

How we support your child's learning

- All students are appointed a Key worker. They liaise with Teaching staff and parents/carers on a weekly basis to ensure progress is both monitored and celebrated
- All student progress is assessed and tracked against National Standards. This is reported on every half term.
- Each student has an Education, Health and Care Plan. This is shared with parents/carers and fully explained to the student through the Key working sessions. This includes Educational targets and also focuses on any barriers to learning. Both students and parents contribute to the plan. This is evaluated every 6 weeks.
- Students are assessed on entry and then the educational targets are set to focus on areas that need reinforcement or development to reach National Standards.
- Visits from parents/carers are encouraged by appointment at anytime. Key workers report weekly on progress/attainment. The Pastoral or Teaching and Learning Managers liaise with the professionals working with each student to ensure that the maximum progress can be made and each students aspirations are a focus of attainment.
- On Track offers Positive Parenting courses focused on older students and parenting children with Special Educational Needs.

Accessibility of our service

- The On Track Education Centre is wheelchair accessible.
- There are disabled changing and toilet facilities.
- On Track enjoys a positive, interactive relationship with our commissioners and we have access to both translation and interpreter services to facilitate communication with any student or parent/carer who does not have English as a first language.
- Initial assessment of each student will identify any additional equipment or support needs. On Track will then liaise with the referring or commissioning authority to secure any required funding or equipment to maximise the potential of the placement.

How we identify SEN

- Combining information from the referral process, data from past placements and our own in depth baseline assessments allows On Track to inform the Educational part of the Education, Health and Care plan for each new student.
- Students with Statements of Special Educational Needs are also assessed and the advice given by the Authority on Education and Social skills form the basis of our targets.
- Key workers play a vital role at On Track. They work closely with the Pastoral Manager to quickly focus in on each students needs, combining weekly meetings with each young person into home liaison work with parents and carers to remove barriers or enhance the social skills needed to progress their learning.
- At On Track we provide for a variety of learning styles, small group and one to one working. This allows us to give each individual the attention that they need, focus in on engaging that student using learning strategies that empower each student's learning experience.
- We are successful in engaging students with ASD, Aspergers Syndrome, Anxiety issues, Emotional and Behavioural issues and Mental health problems.

How we support your child/young person

- The students are provided with their own Personal Education Plan (P.E.P.) which commences on admission with an assessment of Key Skills carried out by their Key Worker.
- The students are assessed in reading, spelling, numeracy, basic ICT skills and the QCA Behaviour Questionnaire may also be completed.
- Within 2 weeks of admission at the centre the P.E.P. is finalised and agreed between the centre and the student and put into effect. This document sets out the student's personalised plans, schedule and individual targets to which the student has agreed and identifies the Key worker who is responsible for overseeing and monitoring the plan .
- The Learning Plan is constructed to include National Qualifications including GCSE and Entry Level certification and other certificated schemes to enable the student to develop work related and life skills.
- The parent/carer is involved in the final plan and is appraised of weekly progress through the key worker.
- The Teaching and Learning Manager works with the teachers to review progress and identify areas further development. Targets in the Education Plan are reviewed every 6 weeks and changed or reinforced according to each students needs.
- Individual progress is noted against National Standards using on line national standards or by Teachers against students' coursework results.
- On Track records this information and is able to track individual's educational and behavioural progress on a weekly, termly and annual basis. This leads to early identification of problems or successes and allows immediate remedial or extension action to be taken.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

- Educational advice and recommendations is always followed for students with statements.
- The centre uses one to one teaching, small group working and personalised learning to enhance each student's academic learning.
- All work is differentiated and based on the results of rigorous baseline assessments. This enables the student to work from their strengths and make rapid progress
- Social skills are an important part of our integration, addressing behaviours and equipping our students with the skills to progress socially within the community.
- On Track uses both the centre and offsite community venues to familiarise students with life in the wider community.
- We offer less common options such as Electric Go Karts, Watersports such as Canoeing and kayaking to widen each young person's life skills and introduce them to team work and the wider world.
- Our local College links are excellent and we have an excellent record of students entering further education from our provision.
- We pride ourselves on having excellent relationships with students, parents/carers and commissioners and have an open door policy to all.

The support we give to your child's well being

- All students are supported by Key workers who liaise with students parents/carers on a weekly or as needed basis.
- The Pastoral Manager oversees the personal support plan of each student and ensures that all needs are supported alongside any Education Health and Social care plan.
- The centre has staff who are trained to administer medication and provide personal care.
- New students are supported with older students on a buddy system that actively promotes social integration throughout the centre.
- Behaviour support targets are integrated into the Personalised Individual Program.
- New students are integrated through a program of targeted induction into both the centre and student groups.
- Where attendance at the centre is an issue, home tuition or sessions at alternative locations may be offered.
- Each young person is able to fully discuss their aspirations or feelings with their Key worker or the Pastoral Manager. The targets on their educational programs are jointly negotiated with them and shared with parents/carers.
- There is a student council at the centre and the whole student body selects individuals to represent them from each year group. This meets each term and allows students to have a voice in the life of the centre and select venues for future reward trips.

The expertise we have access to

- All staff are trained to support young people who may have barriers to learning.
- Each student has a Personal Learning Plan that supports them through daily sessions at the centre.
- The SENCo works closely with all teaching and support staff to ensure any additional needs are fully supported through personalised learning programmes that ensure the most appropriate support for behaviours and learning styles.
- On Track has access to a wide range of specialist support services through our educational partners.
- Statemented students are fully supported according to the educational advice provided within their statements. One to one teaching, 'Time Out' strategies, individual programs, all ensure each students' needs are met.
- Annual reviews, are supported by half termly meetings that review progress or quickly identify areas for future development.

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

- Key workers actively work with our young people to find out what interests they have and how we can support or help them develop those interests
- Parent/carers are requested to share information on any non academic interests with us. For example: we were able to support a student who made the English Youth Pool team finals.
- As part of our life skills programme we work closely with Youth groups and all our students are enrolled in the TOKKO youth centre in Luton which provides excellent facilities and activities outside of school hours.
- Staff are experienced in giving students the confidence to access these facilities both during Centre based activities or to work with the Youth team staff to encourage independent use of the facilities during holidays or in the evenings and at weekends.
- We provide all students the opportunity to have breakfast prior to lessons. Break times are similarly structured with full access to the communal catering area. Staff are on hand to assist all students, with simple foods and beverages:, squash, tea, toast and cereals so that they can start the educational day refreshed.
- Staff are always ready to support our young people, giving advice or support in preparing food which is offered free of charge.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

- The On Track Centre runs a comprehensive careers education program
- In Key Stage 3 life skills for the future are embedded in the general curriculum with focused careers input in PSHE.
- In Key Stage 4 we run Preparation for Working Life, an externally accredited award that equips all our students for life beyond On Track.
- Our College liaison across Bedfordshire is a strength, with college visits leading to informed choice for students and parent/carers.
- Informal visits are arranged for students in Yr11 and transitional arrangements with staff from the centre assisting College staff with pen portraits, learning styles and any additional needs information.

How we match our resources to your child

- The referral process and initial consultation with Students, parent/carers and commissioning partners decide the level of support required.
- Further initial baseline assessments and discussions with the student and his key worker indicate appropriate group placement and support needed.
- The Key worker allocated by the Centre will communicate with parent/carers to inform them of progress weekly and form the initial point of contact for any concerns or general enquires.
- All progress is evaluated half termly and is reported upon.
- Termly reports are sent out, with the Annual report, a more in depth progress report being sent out to all parent/carers in the Summer term.
- The half termly review process allows progress to be monitored, inform future planning for Education, Heath and care plans, identify areas for further development and share on target success with each student.
- Funding for each student is agreed prior to initial placement. Ongoing funding is reviewed via the commissioning reviews and dependent on individual needs and can be reduced or increased as part of agreed variations to the plan.
- As a specialist Alternative Education provider the placement funding is based upon assessed need and fully itemised in our costing information.

How we involve parents

- All students, parents/carers are actively encouraged to fully participate in the life of the Centre.
- Termly news letters inform students, parents/carers about the events of the past term and highlight forthcoming events such as Water sports days, Street Art days Educational visits etc.
- Annual reviews and Termly reports all have feedback forms for parent/carers to comment on progress, proposed future targets and give options to change or highlight concerns both in advance of and after meetings.
- Any parent/carer can request additional meetings/information at anytime.
- Key workers share successes and progress against the Education, Health and care plan on a weekly basis with students, parents and carers.
- On Track student success forms and Star of the week, both for individuals and group forms are sent home by post each week.

How we include your child in the planning of their support

- Each student has a named Key worker. He/she meets on a weekly basis and shares success and progress toward the student's Education, Health and Care plan targets. This information is shared with parents/carers on a weekly basis and through termly reports.
- Targets on the education plan are set jointly with the student using advice from their baseline assessments/ and life skills analysis.
- The Teaching and Learning Manager works with the student and parents/carers to look at how best to meet each young person's aspirations ie; Future college placements, career interests.
- At Key Stage 3 we work to give a broad and balanced curriculum reinforced with AQA Unit Awards and other externally
- At Key Stage 4 we offer GCSE, Foundation Awards, Functional Skills in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT up to Level 2.
- On Track Silsoe has a Student Council which is fully involved in the life of the centre.
- We ensure all students, parents and carers are aware of career options through involvement in Local College open days.
- Each students annual review process has the Transition Plan that is designed to focus both the student and his parent/carer on the options for their future.
- Both the Teaching and Learning Manager and the Pastoral Manager are available at any time, by appointment, to meet with the student with or without his parent/carer to discuss progress or concerns.

General Contact Information

- Parents/carers can contact the Centre Manager at anytime, or talk with each student's allocated Key worker by phone, visit or email.
- If worried about any academic aspects of the Centre, the SENCO and Teaching and Learning Manager can be contacted by phone or email.

- The commissioning body, school, or LEA advisor can also be contacted to arrange a meeting to discuss any concerns.
- The named SEN coordinator is Nick Mitchell for the Silsoe Centre
- Call 01525 864961 or email nmitchell@ontrackeducation.com

- Parent Partnership can also support parents/carers in this process.
- Call 01234 276 267
- Bedford Borough Parent Partnership Service
- Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street
- Bedford MK42 9AP

Contact for more information

Nick Mitchell. SENCo and Teaching and Learning Manager
Building 53, Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedfordshire, MK45 2SU
01525 864961