Children's Disability Register (CDR)

What our service does

The Register is a record of children and young people living in Bedford Borough who have a disability or additional need, aged 0-25 years. If you are a parent or have parental responsibility for a child with a disability or additional need, you can add your/their details to the Register by completing our simple registration form.

Who our service provides for

Any child or young person aged up to 25 years who has a disability or additional need that has a ‘marked impact on their daily life’ can be registered. This might include, but is not limited to, conditions that affect:
- Learning
- Physical ability
- Sight
- Hearing
- Mobility
- Communication
- Interpersonal / social skills
- Behaviour
- Long-term health, including terminal
- Sickness
- Undiagnosed medical conditions
If you are unsure whether or not you should register yourself or your child please contact the Local Offer Team on 01234 228693.

How to start using our service

You can apply by completing a simple registration form. To obtain a form please call Bedford Borough Local Offer Team on 01234 228693 or email Alternatively you can complete the e-form located on our SEN and Disability Guide at

If there are changes in your circumstances, it would be helpful if you could let us know either by emailing
or telephoning 01234 228693. Please note that membership to the Register does not give an automatic entitlement to services.

Additional Information

A membership card will be issued to each child or young person on the Register. Parents/carers have told us that the card has helped in getting assistance and understanding for their child in many different situations. It can also be useful for leisure venues and attractions which may give you priority access or other benefits. You will have the opportunity to be involved in consultations in your area about existing or new services for children with a disability or additional need.

It is your choice whether or not to register yourself or your child. You do not need to be on the Register to receive services you are
entitled to. However, we would encourage you to register, as the information you provide will help us to ensure we are providing and developing the right services for children with a disability or additional need in Bedford Borough. You will also be sent information on services that we feel may benefit you or your child.

Contact for more information

Local Offer Team, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, MK42 9AP
01234 228693

Record Last Reviewed On: 10/08/2017