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What our service does

As part of our vision, we aim to promote and lead a culture of shared values. They are the solid foundation and main principles of our culture. By consistently working hard to maintain our values, we will keep what makes Barnfield so special – an organisation that is deeply committed to delivering quality teaching and learning and providing innovative educational opportunities to the communities of Luton and beyond.

Additional Information

Whether you have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, need help with English or maths, have a physical disability, or need support because English is not your first language, our specialist staff can support you throughout your studies.
We welcome applications from all students and our ALS team are committed to providing the support you need. We have a qualified and experienced team who can offer a wide range of support, including:
- One-to-one support
- In-class support
- Scribes and/or note takers
- Readers
- Specialist equipment (ie IT software)
- Dyslexia specialists
- Access arrangements for exams
- Drop-in sessions.

Students individual needs are assessed either prior to enrolment, at enrolment or on programme. Assessments at Barnfield College are carried out by highly skilled professionals and support plans are put in place.

Contact for more information

01582 569569

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