Lincroft Middle School

Mission Statement

Together there is no question that we want the highest possible standards of education and care for the children. Sharnbrook Academy Federation is an organisation where children achieve and enjoy; make their own positive contribution; where their health, safety and well-being is understood and promoted.
We aim to create a school community in which every child matters and thrives. We provide each child with the opportunity for growth – personal, emotional and intellectual. We aim to ensure that every child fulfils their potential and has the opportunity to excel.

How we support your child's learning

Lincroft offers parental consultation evenings within the first term as well as half way through the year. If your child is receiving interventions, there will be termly reports which will allow for parental and pupil voice. There will also be an end of year school report to reflect upon progress made.
Parents can request a meeting with the Senco anytime during the academic year for a progress check.

Accessibility of our service

Lincroft is wheelchair friendly with lifts available to the first floor and ramp access around the school. We have the visual team linked to the school where an office is set up with braille equipment. We have allocated disabled toilets. We have an auditory loop available. SEN needs are met through communication with outside agencies who are assigned to the pupil.
With EAL pupils we have set programmes available which include visual aids. We will provide 1:1 provision if required.

How we identify SEN

Children with SEN will be identified through baseline testing, teacher referrals and whether a lack of progress has been made through wave one and two of teaching. If this is the case, a referral to the appropriate agency will be made.
Lincroft has a provision for statement pupils with ASC. There are two classes of 8 pupils at Lincroft and 8 pupils at the Sharnbrook site. Pupils are allocated a place through the Local Authority.

How we support your child/young person

At Lincroft we have a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) in charge of the English interventions and a HLTA in charge of the Maths interventions. These pupils will have a provision map which will be explained to the parents of SEN during the consultation evenings. The Senco will report measures of impact to the SEN Governor of the school and demonstrate intervention outcomes. Effectiveness of support to our pupils is demonstrated on our tracker and through an individual provision map.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

We provide a highly structured continued professional development programme which focuses upon Quality First Teaching. This encompasses differentiation. Personalised differentiation of the pupil is met through the Senco providing clear communication of strategies and detailed difficulties of the pupils. TA’s will monitor whether the child has met the learning objective in the lesson and use appropriate resources to ensure this is fulfilled.

The support we give to your child's well being

At Lincroft we hold, review and manage care plans for pupils with medical needs. With emotional needs a pupil will have an emotional plan. Behaviour is managed by the Heads of Year in liaison with the Senco and safeguarding officer for potential need for referral onto other professionals. Our Safeguarding Officer will also oversee attendance and monitor patterns. The pupil will be involved in meetings which relate to a plan for them and they can be heard as to how they would like to be
managed, for example, they may take up a school mentor or simply have an ‘as and when’ required level of support. The child will decide what level of support will suit their needs.

The expertise we have access to

At Lincroft our Senco is MA SEN qualified and holds the SEN National Award. Our Head of the ASC and Head of Year 6 also hold the SEN National Award. Our ASC TA’s are Team Teacch trained and our mainstream TA’s are trained in numerous interventions as well as 3 of the TA’s going through their HLTA status this year.
Lincroft access multi agencies for our pupils such as CAMHs, CHUMS, Intensive Family Support, Relate, Talk Time, Social Work skills and Speech Therapy.
We have had training in Dyslexia, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Restorative Justice, Attachment Disorder and Safeguarding.

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

We provide enough support for pupils to access school trips. We will liaise with the agencies that are assigned to each pupil and provide staff training if needed before the trip. Parents are fully involved in the planning of trips of our pupils.
Our breakfast and after school homework, sports, drama and music clubs are accessible to all pupils. If required we will provide a TA to assist in an after school club.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

At Lincroft we provide extra visits to the school if needed on top of our 3 transition days. Transition days occur for every year group to experience time in their new forms and what to expect in that year group.
The Senco will meet the new schools Senco to exchange information well in advance of the transition.

How we match our resources to your child

Support at Lincroft is evidence driven. If a child is making little progress, more support will be allocated. This will be measured with our intervention tracker. The Senco alongside the Head of English and Maths will decide what is needed for progress to be made and in narrowing the gap. Parents will be notified of such progress through termly reports.
Budgets are allocated each year to the SEN department to manage resources.

How we involve parents

We have an open door policy to parents. Parents are able to meet with the Senco or send the Senco an email on progress checks whether academic or personal development anytime throughout the year.

How we include your child in the planning of their support

Pupils will often request an intervention to suit their needs through our House system where pupil voice is paramount. This year the intervention of handwriting and our nurture group of Snack n’ Chat were derived through pupil voice. Pupil voice will also be recorded on their termly reports.

General Contact Information

At Lincroft you can contact your child’s form teacher, Head of Year or the school Senco. If you are worried, please contact the school. The named school Senco is Cat Johnson.
To support parents, you are also able to contact the Local Authority Parent Partnership. The Local Authority Local Offer is available through a link on our schools website.

Contact for more information

Cat Johnson
Station Road, Oakley, Bedford, Bedfordshire
01234 822147

Record Last Reviewed On: 09/11/2016