Keep Guard Day Nursery

What our service does

Our babies are cared for in a cosy, warm and soothing environment, providing activities which stimulate their senses using textured materials and a wide variety of toys, water, sand play and music.

Our older 0-3 toddlers have access to two spacious rooms providing exploratory activities such as playdough, cooking, threading, puzzles, mark making, small world, sharing stories, singing, homecorner, art & craft, water, sand and painting.

Within our pre school our environment encourages the children to explore sand and water play, role-play, cooking, art & craft, woodwork, mark making, mathematical concepts, construction, threading, board games, musical instruments, ICT, books, story sacks and singing.

Our after school children are collected from three local schools by a member of staff in our people carrier and taken back to the club. There they have the opportunity to complete homework in a quiet designated area, 'chill' at the snack bar, relax listening to music or reading books or play a game until home time at 6pm. During the school holidays a program of activities is devised that include both planned and spontaneous activities. Regular features indoors include: playing games, art & craft, cookery, music, role play, design technology and games consoles. Outdoor activities include football, rounders, spare parts play and team building games.

Location of our service

We are located in Central & East Kempston Ward, in The Keep on Bedford Road. We have children who currently attend that live in Goldington, Putnoe, Wixams, Wilstead, Bedford and Kempston.

Who our service provides for

Full Day Care: 6 weeks - 5 years
Pre school 2, 3 & 4 year old funded children.
Term Time Only care: 6 weeks - 5 years.
Out-of school care: 4+ - 11 years (year 6)

How to start using our service

Contact can be made by phone or email to request a welcome pack.

Baby Unit (0-2 year olds) Nursery (2-5 year olds)
Morning Session 9-1pm - £22.00 Morning Session 9-1pm - £20.50
Afternoon Session 1-5pm - £20.00 Afternoon Session 1-5pm - £19.00
9-5pm Session - £42.00 9-5pm Session - £39.50
Full Day Care (8-6pm) - £47.00 Full Day Care (8-6pm) - £44.00
Full Time Care (M-F, 8-6pm) - £42.00 Full Time Care (M-F, 8-6pm) - £38.00
Extra Hour (8am-9am or 5pm-6pm) - £5.10 Extra Hour (8am-9am or 5pm-6pm) - £4.80

Out-of-School Club
3.15 - 6pm term time only - £3.50 per hour
Fees are payable in advance.

Holiday Club
Morning Session (9-1pm) £14.00
Afternoon Session (1-5pm) £14.00
9-5pm Session £28.00
Full Day (8-6pm) £31.50
Full Time (Mon - Fri 8-6pm) £30.00
Extra hour (8-9am or 5-6pm) £3.50

How decisions are made about who can use our service

Decisions are made accordingly to availability.
We are unable to offer 1:1 care.

How we communicate with our service users

We communicate with our service users through:
Newsletters in English (We are in the process of accessing the Polish Family Support Worker at Daisy Hill to translate our newsletters)
Widgit signs, notices and documents.
Learning Journeys - collated evidence on individual children.
6 monthly reviews with parents.
Invitations to Learning Weeks for parents. (Parents are invited to join us throughout the week to take part in activities & events alongside their child)

Accessibility of our service

Regular bus services are available opposite on Bedford Road.
A disabled toilet is situated on the out-of school club.
We have nappy changing facilities for children aged 0-4.
We do not offer 1:1 care.
Our building is NOT wheelchair accessible.

We are committed to the inclusion of all children and provide a positive and welcoming environment where children are supported according to their individual needs.

Qualifications and training of our staff

We access training on Inclusive practice delivered by BTAC and have a rolling program to ensure staff have current knowledge..
We have in the past had close workings with the Speech and Language team.
We have sought advice from the Child Development Centre when implementing Individual Education Plans (IEPs).
We have signposted parents to the Speech and Language drop ins at the Children's Centres.
All staff receive basic Safeguarding training through Bedford Training Centre (BTAC).

General Contact Information

Contact Keep Guard Day Nursery by phone or email to discuss availability and requirements. Children are allocated a Key Person who is the first point of call to discuss care, learning and any concerns.

Contact for more information

Lynn Carmichael or Esther Thomas
Senior Setting Manager/Setting Manager
The West Wing, The Keep, Walcourt Road, Kempston, Bedfordshire, MK42 8SJ
01234 327955
01234 347718
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 8-6pm