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Mission Statement

Promoting wisdom and learning based on Christian values.

How we support your child's learning

At the beginning of the academic year all families with children who have a special educational need or a disability will be invited to attend an initial meeting with the SENDCo and family support worker. Your child will have had input into this meeting through the pupil passport and if appropriate may also attend the meeting.

A review meeting will take place in spring to discuss progress towards the outcomes and if necessary new provision will be put in place.
The progress of all children including those with SEND is measured against National expectations and age related expectations.

Children who are not making expected progress are picked up through review meetings. In such meetings discussion takes place concerning why individual children are experiencing difficulty and what further support can be given. Parents will be informed if further intervention is needed.

A final meeting will be held in the summer term to review outcomes and discuss transition into the next year.

The SENDCo will also be available for consultation through a drop in session.

There will be opportunities throughout the year for parent workshops to enable you to support your child's learning.

We recognise the importance of building positive relationships with parents and believe your child's education should be a partnership between parents and teachers. We aim to keep communication channels open and honest and we hope that parents are able to do the same with us. We offer an open door policy where you are welcome at any time to make an appointment to meet with either the class/subject teacher or SENDCo. If you have concerns regarding your child contact your child's class teacher in the first instance who will then liaise with the SENDCo.

Accessibility of our service

Alban Academy provides the following access facilities

Lift access to the top floor.
Disabled toilets located on the lower floor
Entrances within the school are wheelchair accessible.

Alban Academy works closely with external agencies who will provide specialist advice and equipment.

How we identify SEN

Children are identified as having a special educational need and/or a disability through a variety of ways

Transition/liaison with Lower Schools
Health diagnosis through paediatrician
Concerns raised by parents
Child performing below age expected levels and making inadequate progress despite appropriate intervention and support having been in place.
Diagnostic tests

How we support your child/young person

The SENDCo oversees all support and progress of any child with additional needs.
The subject teacher will have responsibility for the planning preparation and assessment of all pupils
Governors have responsibility to ensure that special educational provision is in place. A governor responsible for SEND meets regularly with the SENDCo and reports every term to the governing body.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

Careful planning and differentiation allows all children to access the curriculum according to their specific needs.

Staff are made aware of pupils needs through a SEND profile which is issued to all staff at the beginning of the academic year.
Regular staff meetings throughout the year allow staff to share SEND information and best practice.
Special arrangements for national tests and school assessment tests are provided as and when necessary. This includes scribes, extra time, small classroom for pupils with SEND needs.

The support we give to your child's well being

We are an inclusive school; we welcome and celebrate diversity.
We believe that high self esteem is crucial to a child's well-being.
We value and listen to the opinions of our pupils.

Children are given the opportunity to express their views through

The Alban Pupil Forum
Pupil questionnaires
Pupil passports.

The form tutor has responsibility for day to day pastoral needs of every child in their class.

Additional support is available through

School nurse drop ins
Family support advisor
Counselling of pupils
A range of external agencies.

All staff have access to pupil care plans. As and when appropriate, specialist training for staff around specific medical conditions can be accessed.

The expertise we have access to

We access a range of external agencies to support the special additional needs of individual pupils. E.G

Educational psychology team
Behaviour support team
Sensory and Communication support service

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

We provide the necessary support to enable all children to access extra-curricular activities. A risk assessment is carried our prior to any off site activity to ensure that everyone's health and safety will not be compromised. In the unlikely event that it is considered unsafe for a child to take part in an activity, then alternative activities which will cover the same curriculum areas will be provided at school

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

Careful consideration is given to preparing pupils with SEND for transition at all stages.

Transition to Alban Academy

Introductory visit by the HOY 5 and SENDCo to meet the pupils
Staff liaison to share information.
Pupils invited to attend a transition day
Extra visits offered to those children who may find the transition difficult.

Transition of year 8 pupils to upper schools
Pupils invited to attend transition days
Careful liaison and transfer of information amongst key members of staff.
Extra visits are arranged to upper schools as appropriate to individual needs.

How we match our resources to your child

We ensure that all children with SEND are provided with appropriate resources.
We have a team of TAs to deliver appropriate interventions and support.

How we involve parents

Planning and review meetings
Advice on how to support learning at home
Regular contact between home and school e.g.pupil diary, email

How we include your child in the planning of their support

Contribution to pupil passport
Attendance at planning and review meetings
Pupil questionnaires

General Contact Information

The form tutor is your first point of contact to discuss concerns about your child in school and you will be directed to the appropriate member of staff. If the issue is relating to SEND, the SENDCo and can be contacted via email and the school office.

SEND Advice provides impartial information, advice and support to parents. Donna Gower as the Family Support Advisor for Alban Academy and can be contacted via the school office.

Contact for more information

Miss Holli Smith
Silver Street, Great Barford, Bedfordshire, MK44 3HZ
01234 870735
01234 870736

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