Bedfordshire Youth Offending Service

What our service does

The aim of Bedfordshire Youth Offending Service (BYOS) is to reduce offending and re-offending of young people. The Youth Offending Service is made up of representatives from the police, probation service, social services, health, education, drugs and alcohol misuse. Because the service incorporates representatives from a wide range of services, it can respond to the needs of young offenders in a comprehensive way. The Youth Offending Service identifies the needs of each young offender by assessing them with a national assessment (ASSET). This helps to identity specific problems that make the young person offend as well as measuring the risk they pose to others. This enables the YOS to identify suitable programmes to address the needs of the young person with the intention of preventing further offending.

Location of our service

Children’s and Adults’ Services
Bedford Borough Council
Enterprise House
36 Old Ford End Road
MK40 4PF

BYOS work in both CBC and BBC and our office base in CBC – Mon – Fri is listed below

Watling House (Alternate Address)
Central Bedfordshire Council
Watling House
High Street North

Watling House Contact Number: 0300 300 8301

Who our service provides for

BYOS is a shared service across both Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire. We work with young people aged between 10 – 18 who have offended and found guilty or admitted guilt to a specific offence. Due to the statutory nature of our interventions we can only work with young people within this age range.

Regardless of disability or diversity if a young person offends and is assessed as appropriate to receive and understand any intervention imposed by the Courts or pre Court processes BYOS would have a responsibility to deliver any required interventions.

We signpost young people and their families to a range of additional support in the community during and at the end of any intervention.

How to start using our service

BYOS is a statutory service that offers post court and pre court interventions with the aim of reducing the risk of reoffending. Our remit is to work with young people between the ages of 10 – 18 years old and their families. BYOS do not have specific referral criteria as we only work with young people who have offended and made subject to an intervention via the Courts or the Police.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

Decisions are made regarding any intervention provided by the Youth Offending Service, by the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and the Magistrates at the Court. The Bedfordshire Youth Offending Service (BYOS) contributes by offering impartial information about you to the Magistrates or on discussion with the Police regarding the offence you have committed and any previous offences you may have committed.

Decisions as to the type of intervention will be based on the offence you have committed and the legal sanctions available to the Police and Court in relation to this.

As part of any BYOS intervention, the processes in Court, types of sentencing options or voluntary intervention is discussed and explained to you. In addition to the consequences of further offending behaviour.

How we communicate with our service users

When a young person receives an intervention through BYOS initial planning meetings/reviews/breach avoidance panel meetings and evaluation forms take place to ensure the voice of the child is central to forward planning. This is an organic process which highlights areas of diversity and support needs for each individual.

We have access to a range of agencies/professionals within a multidisciplinary framework and we are able to access a range of specialist interventions including signing/language etc.

We have a range of leaflets offering information about our services.

Parents/carers are invited to all reviews and encouraged to take active role in the implementation of services offered by BYOS.

BYOS offer a range of parenting programmes/courses with the aim of offering parents/carer support with specific focus on pro social positive parenting strategies.

Accessibility of our service

BYOS is located in the area of Queens Park in Bedford which is a short walk from Bedford Town centre and has its own car parking facilities and excellent public transport links.

There are disabled toilet facilities the building is wheelchair user friendly.

Contact with the young person and their family can also take place in their home or educational provision.

Qualifications and training of our staff

All staff have enhanced DBS checks; the BYOS team consists of experienced Youth Justice Practitioners, Social Workers; Police Officers; Drugs, Alcohol and Sexual Health Workers; Keeping Young People Engaged Worker; Probation Officers, Health Nurse and Seconded Social Worker from CAMH; Victim and Restorative Justice Workers and Support Workers. As part of their training and induction all staff has safeguarding training.

All staff has access to and are encouraged to attend specialist training regarding working with children and young people with SEND as organised by the Local Authority and independent bodies. We are able to draw on the wealth of knowledge and skills from our diverse staff team and other specialist teams within the Local Authority to assist when working with young people with SEND.

As part of our initial screening when working with any young people we carry out basic literacy and diversity screening.

General Contact Information

BYOS can be contacted on 01234 276400 or via our group secure email address:

Our primary operational hours are between the hours of 08:45am – 17:20pm Monday to Thursday and 08.45am – 16.20pm on Fridays

Each young person subject to an intervention with BYOS will have an allocated case manager, the yp and their family will know their name and contact details. There is also a Duty Manager available during office hours.

Contact for more information

Brian Weatherall
Team Manager
Bedford Borough Council, Enterprise House, 36 Old Ford End Road, Bedford, MK40 4PF
01234 276400
01234 276434
Opening Hours:
08.45 – 17.20 Mon – Thurs and close @ 16.20 0n Fridays, however we function outside of office hours in response to police / court/ social work led requirements.