Centre for All Families Positive Health, Children and Youth Services

What our service does

CAFPH provides support to adult individuals (male and female), families, children and young people, and the elder community who are in some way be affected by HIV/AIDS. This may be because a family member is infected, or because they personally are infected.

CAFPH provides monthly support groups for all service users, (both adults and Children and young people,) which involve respite as well as educational skills building activities.

We also provide residential weekend’s away, psychological support for individuals and families, complimentary therapies such as massage, drop in one to one support and training opportunities. There is also one to one family support which is on-going and bespoke. Shortly CAFPH will be introducing monthly children’s events open to all our clients. The details of these are being confirmed.

Location of our service

CAFPH have offices in Bedford and Luton. The office is in Kingsway but our Support Workers often work with families within their homes but also, in special cases assist families with transport gain access to our services.

Who our service provides for

Our service works with individuals and families living with affected by HIV and AIDS. The Children and Youth Services work with children and young people and their families Aged from 0 and 19 years. We attempt to provide support for all families who access our
Services regardless of any educational or physical needs.

How to start using our service

All services are free. Individuals may self-refer, be referred by other organisations or medical professionals.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

The services are free and open access to anyone who is living with and affected by HIV and Aids.

How we communicate with our service users

We use a variety of communication methods such as phone, email, letters, one to one and word of mouth. We also have regular meetings where we update clients of the activities available. We also have a Facebook, and twitter group accounts where we also
put regular activity updates.

Quarterly we ask clients to feedback their views and opinions on our services and ask for clients to communicate in areas which we are not supporting them. We also use various tools such as questionnaires for clients to tell us what other support they may need and in what areas.

With regard to non-native English speakers, we have working for us and connection to a wide variety of speakers of other languages that may assist communication should the need arise.

Accessibility of our service

Our Luton Office has all the facilities. Our Bedford office is not. Any special cases arrangments can be made for our client to travel to our Luton offices.

General Contact Information

The main contact for children and young people is Kirstin Dear and she is supported by 2 support workers, Amy Hunt and Alasan Ann.

Contact for more information

19 Kingsway, , Bedford, MK42 9BJ
01582 726061 or 01582 726063
Opening Hours:
9am – 5pm Monday to Friday