Parent/Carer Breakfast - Bedford and District Cerebral Palsy Society

What our service does

Parent Carer breakfasts are a monthly opportunity for parents/carers of disabled children (of any age) to meet up with friends, share stories, hints and tips and support each other. A full cooked breakfast and bottomless drinks are on offer too. This is held at The Tavistock, Tavistock Road, Bedford from 9.30 a.m.
The breakfasts are held during the fourth week of any month in term time. The days alternate within that week so that it is accessible to those with regular commitments on certain days. Members will receive an email with dates and it is also posted on the BDCPS Face Book page.
Parents with children under school age can bring them along including siblings. There is a “Gateopener” support worker available for any requests for information and support.
Ocassionally BDCPS will at the request of parent/carers set up other groups or opportunities e.g. Christmas Shop and Lunch at MK with care for any under school age children required so that parents/carers can enjoy the experience.
During the summer holidays throughout the play scheme at Ridgeway School from 9.30a.m. There are two breakfasts a week. Due to the lack of cooking facilities these breakfasts are continental. Parents/carers dropping off children can go into the staff room and a team of staff and volunteers will serve them with a choice of breakfast goodies whilst they get together with friends or meet new people. Parents/carers not using the play scheme are also welcome to drop in there are usually volunteers or staff that can help if they bring a child/children.
The dates for these are sent out in the play scheme newsletter, emailed to members and posted onto the BDCPS Face Book page (people just have to “ like it” and you will get to know what we BDCPS is up to)

Location of our service

The term time breakfasts are held at The Tavistock, Tavistock Road, Bedford from 9.30 a.m. We have negotiated a rate of £4 to include breakfast and tea/coffee. You can purchase other drinks etc personally. There is limited parking in the car park but there is ample street parking it is metered though costing approximately £2 for a couple of hours. Those bringing a disabled child and have a blue badge can of course park roadside for free.

Summer holiday breakfasts are at Ridgeway School Hill Rise Kempston Bedford. This is fully accessible and has parking available.

The one off groups are held at the requested venue.

Who our service provides for

The breakfasts are open to any member of BDCPS with a disabled child or anyone with a disabled child living in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire.

How to start using our service

You can make a direct contact to BDCPS if you are interested in going to the breakfast. They will be happy to add you to the list.

You need to register with BDCPS, There is no cost to join. We will then keep you up to speed with all that is going on.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

The breakfasts are open to anyone that meets the criteria.

How we communicate with our service users

We regularly seek the views of the people that use our services to find out what you need from us. The parent-carer breakfasts are a great place to receive feedback on our services and to get to know what parent/carers want and need in order to shape services for them.

Accessibility of our service

The Tavistock is accessible to those in wheelchairs. It has baby changing facilities but not a full changing space with hoist.
Ridgeway School is fully accessible.

Qualifications and training of our staff

Gateopener staff have a number of years’ experience working with families affected by disability from both a social care and nursing background. They continue to work with young people accessing clubs and schemes as well as with parent/carers and family members in order to maintain practical skills and knowledge.

All staff and volunteers receive a basic training in matters relating to Cerebral Palsy and associated conditions. This includes manual handling, personal care, disability awareness, communication and safeguarding. Some staff are also trained to provide first aid, personal care, tube feeds and administration of medication and emergency medication and where possible any other requirement of the young people accessing its services.

General Contact Information

For further information please contact Jane Howard White or Rachel Buggy on 01234 351759 or email or

Contact for more information

Jane Howard White
Services Director
43 Bromham Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK40 2AA
01234 351759
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm

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