All Nations Pre-School

Mission Statement

The main aim of pre-school is to provide care and education for children aged 2 years 6 months – 5 years. We aim to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment where children are valued as individuals and where they can learn by playing together. We believe that young children learn best through play and aim to provide a range of activities that capture children’s interests and imaginations and help them to learn new concepts and develop their skills. We will support children and families until the children move on to school.

The Pre-school has links with the Toddler group which meets in the same space and families are very welcome to attend these sessions on Wednesday afternoons from 1.30-3pm.

How we support your child's learning

Parents are given an individual learning plan for their child each half term. We ask for parent comments about the learning plans and offer consultations each term with the child's key person. Parents can ask for a consultation at any other time if they have any concerns. They also have access, via a parent portal, to the online Interactive Learning Diary we use to record children’s progress. Parents can look at their child's learning profile and also upload information to the diary.
Staff communicate on an informal basis, when children are collected at the end of a session, about what children have been doing, or what they have achieved.
We run the Lift off to Language program to help with children’s development of attention, listening and speaking skills. Activities that children have been involved with are shared with parents.

Accessibility of our service

Our building is on the number 6 bus route and there is a car park. There is wheelchair access to the building and there is a disabled toilet and a baby changing room.
The group works with the SEND team and Early Years Support Service to access any specialist equipment or resources needed to support children with special educational needs or disabilities.
We have a number of children who have English as a second language and use visual timetables, signing to help them to communicate.

How we identify SEN

Staff carry out regular observations of children in the group and monitor their progress against the early learning goals in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. When a child’s key person or the pre-school leader feels that a child is not making progress, or are achieving at a lower level than expected, they will discuss this with the group SENDCo and this will be shared with parents.
The group has forms so that parents can formally share any concerns they may have and these are used to help staff to arrange to consult with parents. Parents can also raise concerns informally at any time by discussion with their child’s key person or the Pre-School Leader.

How we support your child/young person

All children have a key person who has the responsibility of writing half-termly learning plans and monitoring children’s progress. If a child has a special educational need they will have an Individual Education Plan ( IEP) which is drawn up by the SENCo . This IEP is shared with parents and reviewed regularly. The SENCo and key person will monitor a child’s progress t make sure that the IEP is helping promote learning and development.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

Pre-School provides a range of activities which are planned around children’s interests and needs. Although children are often free to make their own choice of activities ( which are supported by adults) children sometimes work in small groups with an adult to extend or develop specific skills.

The support we give to your child's well being

The group aims to support families or to signpost them to specific organisations who may be able to offer specialist help.
We have an administration of medicines policy and can provide personal care for all the children in our group. Where a child has a significant disability or special need that requires 1:1 support the group will employ additional staff to work with the child.
Staff undertake specialist training such as Makaton, administration of medicines, manual handling as and when required to meet the needs of individual children.

The expertise we have access to

Some staff have had SEND training and when we have children with specific needs we have sent staff on the relevant courses available. We have staff who have experience of working with a range of special educational needs and they have had SENCo training. We have staff who are trained to deliver the 'Lift of to Language' course to help promote language development in the setting.

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

We aim to include children in all activities in pre-school wherever possible. This may involve employing additional staff to support children with special educational needs or accessing specialist equipment. Children with Special educational needs would be welcome to attend early drop off and lunch club provided we have sufficient staff to meet their specific needs.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

Pre-School will meet with the new setting to discuss plans and needs of the child. With parental permission we will share information to ensure a smooth transition.

How we match our resources to your child

Decisions about how much support a child receives is made after observation of their developmental needs. The decision will be made in consultation with parents and with outside specialist agencies where necessary.

General Contact Information

Norma Hand (Pre-School Leader and SENCo) is the person to contact in the first instance to discuss your child’s specific needs and what we are able to offer. Once children start in the group they each have a key person who would be the usual point of contact. Children with special educational needs may also have a 1:1 member of staff to support them if necessary.

Monday to Friday 9.15 - 12.15.
We also offer: early drop off from 8.45am and lunch club until 1pm

Contact for more information

Norma Hand
All Nations Church, Brickhill Drive, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK41 7QF
01234 273773

Record Last Reviewed On: 19/12/2016