Breckenbrough School

Mission Statement

We are a ‘special’ school in so many different ways; we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing, supportive and low stress environment to help our students learn to manage their behaviours and make good social and academic progress.

How we support your child's learning

● Staff are ready to discuss progress whenever parents/carers require it.
● The small size of the school and each class means that all staff know each student well.
● Clear targets are set for each pupil and the national curriculum is followed.
● Staff phone and talk with parents on a regular basis.
● We work in collaboration with parents so that good support can be offered outside the school day.
● Termly reports showing targets achievement and goals are issues termly. An opportunity to discuss this face to face with any staff member and any other area is offered at the end of each term.

Accessibility of our service

● The building is a modernised Victorian country house. All classrooms are fully wheelchair accessible but currently there is limited wheelchair accessibility to boarding facilities.
● The senior management team are alert to the auditory and visual environment and update facilities when necessary.
● There are currently limited disabled changing and toilet facilities.
● The school would buy in appropriate support if there was a need to communicate with parent carers whose first language is not English.
● All new equipment and facilities to support children and young people with special educational needs is assessed and part of the budget is designated for updating such equipment.

How we identify SEN

● All students who come to Breckenbrough have been identified as needing additional support and have an Education, Health and Care Plan.
● We maintain regular contact with parents and local authorities.
● We are especially successful with students who are diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. We also work effectively with boys who want to learn and develop but have found it difficult to do so in mainstream settings.

How we support your child/young person

● Each pupil has their own mentor and key worker.
● Learning is individually tailored to the needs of each boy and class size is kept small.
● School governors are appointed by Quakers in Yorkshire. Governors visit each school department every term.
● On leaving, students successfully progress onto university, further education or the world of work.
● Ofsted has rated Breckenbrough good with outstanding aspects.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

● Each lesson is planned with consolidation and differentiation included.
● Boys experience a sense of achievement in each lesson.
● Pupils experience success in learning.

The support we give to your child's well being

● Day boys have a personal mentor. Each boy is able to choose the person with whom they will work best.
● Medicines are given by care staff following best practices.
● Each boy’s needs are carefully monitored. Exclusions are very rare and Ofsted commented that attendance is above average.
● Concerns can be raised with any member of staff and all comments are taken seriously.
● Good, trusting relationships are developed in school so that everyone knows they will be listened to.

The expertise we have access to

● All staff have specific training in the conditions that boys present with. Training is regularly updated
● Breckenbrough has a full time registered psychologist. Other services including speech and language, occupational and music and the creative arts therapy can be provided as required.

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

● Outdoor education is a major part of our work with young people. Our aim is to include all boys in all the activities we undertake. One to one support is provided when necessary, especially to build confidence in the early stages.
● Parents and carers are fully involved in planning the range of activities and trips.
● Field trips take place to support national curriculum but give opportunities to develop social skills and emotional maturity.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

● Breckenbrough has a thorough, phased assessment through which each boy proceeds before a placement is offered. Exact details of the assessment depend of whether the boy will be boarding or will be a day pupil.
● Transition plans are developed and the school employs its own qualified careers officer who plays an important role in these.
● Comprehensive information will be provided to each boy’s new setting to ensure success in the next stage of his development.
● Staff are designated to support the next stage of each boy’s life. Beyond Breckenbrough tracks and supports students from when they leave school until they are 25. Our Aftercare charity is available to each student for as long as necessary.

How we match our resources to your child

● Breckenbrough is a non profit-making charity and, with the exception of modest governance and administration costs, all money received for each boy is spent on them each year.
● The needs shown in the young person’s EHCP are followed.

How we involve parents

● Very regular contact with parents and carers is a key part of our work with each young person. This can be at the request of the parent/carer or at the request of the pupil. We value the input from parents and carers who often have the best information about what works for their son.

How we include your child in the planning of their support

• All boys agree that they want to be at Breckenbrough to learn and develop
• Each mentor listens carefully to what their boy feels is important in teaching and learning
• There is a school council

General Contact Information

● Once your son is at Breckenbrough the first point of contact would be Diane Walker (Office & Admissions Manager) who would be able to advise on which member of staff should be approached. The Deputy Head for Curriculum and SEN Manager is Simon Bannister and the Head of Care is Stuart Edwards.
● Each member of the teaching staff, including teaching assistants, your mentor and members of the care staff all have a role in your son’s education.
● Any member of staff is happy to talk to you. Geoffrey Brookes is the Head Teacher and Graham Ralph is Chair of the Board of Governors.
● Diane Walker is the best person to approach in the first instance on 01845 587238 or
● The local authority’s local offer is available on their website.

Contact for more information

Simon Bannister
Sand Hutton, Thirsk, YO7 4EN
01845 587238

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