Roxton VA Church of England School

Mission Statement

We aim to provide a caring, Christian environment in which each child can learn, feel valued, be safe, happy, and secure and achieve their potential.

We aim to educate the whole child, to encourage lively and creative minds, develop social skills and nurture Christian values and mutual respect.

How we support your child's learning

• 3 Parent Consultation Days through the year where parents can discuss social as well as academic progress. EYFS folders shared with parents.
• Open door policy-parents welcome at any time
• Home school diary for all children aged 3-9
• Full, detailed report sent home once a year with opportunities to discuss the report with parents
• Regular assessment points through the year (half termly) discussed with children as well as SENDCO/Head teacher to identify underachievement or areas of need , target setting weekly at KS1 and KS2
• Information sent to parents about curriculum and homework tasks detailing how parents can contribute to learning
• On occasion, parent learning opportunities are available e.g. numeracy-calculation methods

Accessibility of our service

• School is all on one level, ramps connect playground to building
• Adult disabled toilet available
• Currently there are no improvements to auditory facilities as they have not been required
• School is able to provide information in languages other than English should it be required
• Equipment for children with Special Educational Needs can be provided as necessary
• Consultations with school nurse/other medical professionals as need arises
• Care plans followed, monitored and updated

How we identify SEN

• We are a very small school and are able to quickly identify children with extra learning needs by careful monitoring and assessment of individuals.
• Personalised learning and target setting
• Careful interpretation of all data held on the children, owned by staff
• Specially trained and hugely experienced TA assess children as and when required
• Parents are able to speak to staff/SENDCO/head teacher at any time to express needs or concerns

How we support your child/young person

• Class teacher oversees individual programmes and monitors their success, making changes as necessary. Class teacher is in close contact with parents on a regular basis.
• SENDCO/Head teacher monitors progress in all classes to help identify areas of need

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

• All work is differentiated to meet the needs of the children and strategies devised to help each child succeed
• Learning environments are stimulating and well equipped for the needs of each child.
• Reasonable adaptations will be made to suit the needs of each child e.g a high achieving EYFS child regularly spends time with year 1
• Mixed age classes help with mixed ability learning

The support we give to your child's well being

• High levels of pastoral care provided by class teachers and TAs who know the children well
• Two thirds of staff are First Aid trained
• Two members of staff are trained to administer medicines
• Should personal care be required staff would be appropriately trained
• Positive behaviour management, together with the school’s Christian ethos nurture good behaviour throughout the age range
• Huge range of rewards across the school to motivate children
• Buddy system (yr4-EYFS)
• Termly meetings with EWO to encourage good attendance
• Rewards for 100% attendance

The expertise we have access to

• No specialist services based in school
• All/any specialist services accessed as required e.g. Speech and Language therapist, school nurse, Educational Psychologist, Parent Support Worker

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

• All children able to access trips/visits. Adaptations made where necessary or parent support accessed
• Parent carers of children with additional needs are involved in the planning of trips and out of school activities
• Due to the nature of our school-half of our children are bussed in to school- we have no set wrap around care but do have various extracurricular activities available to all children.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

• Home visits by school staff for all children prior to joining the school
• Close consultation with previous settings and next stage settings.
• All information on child shared with new school at transfer meetings to make new setting fully aware of areas of need and strategies for success
• New school holds transfer days and new parent meetings for incoming year group
• New school holds extra transfer days for vulnerable children

How we match our resources to your child

• Class teachers/SENDCO/Head teacher/SEN TA all agree support requirements (making reference to outside agencies as necessary) of each child. Arrangements are reviewed and amended at least half termly. Input from parents is also included in this decision making process.
• SEN budget is allocated as required to support the needs of the children

How we involve parents

• Open door policy-parents are always welcome in school
• Parent volunteers in class and on trips
• Class teachers meet with parents at termly Parents ‘Days
• We have an active PTA

How we include your child in the planning of their support

• Children are fully involved with the consultation process or support in school through regular conversations and formal meetings.
• Children have regular circle time to discuss specific school or personal issues
• A “buddy” system operates where children can discuss and plan in small groups facilitated by a member of staff
• We build good relationships in school enabling children to express their needs and to fully discuss options

General Contact Information

• Contact in the first instance is with the child’s class teacher, they are happy to discuss any issues or worries with parents at any mutually convenient time during the day
• The head teacher is also the SENCO
• Admissions are dealt with by the Head teacher
• The school’s Parent Support Advisor can be contacted through school, as can the school nurse
• The Local Authority Offer is available on their website

Contact for more information

Jo Hearn
SEND Co-Ordinator
School Lane, Roxton, Bedfordshire, MK44 3DR
01234 870230

Record Last Reviewed On: 23/05/2018