Harrold Primary Academy

Mission Statement

Harrold Primary Academy is committed to creating a happy, safe, secure and stimulating environment, which allows the children to develop both intellectually and socially at a pace appropriate to their individual needs. We aim to encourage an enjoyment of life and develop a love of learning through the provision of an academic and social framework based on the understanding that everyone has a right to be respected; to feel safe and to learn.

How we support your child's learning

Harrold Primary Academy monitor pupils progress carefully and feedback to parents in the following way:
 Termly parent consultations with written reports on progress, levels and next steps
 Annual written school report
 Information given to parents with each report on national expectations for children in each year group
 Children on Wave 3 support, the school will communicate with parents every term through a holistic report
 Regular parents evenings for introduction to the new year group and then subject specific to help pupils to learn.
 Regular newsletters.
Parents can request a meeting

Accessibility of our service

As a school we are happy to discuss individual access requirements.
Facilities we have at present include:
 Wheelchair accessibility all round main areas
 Disabled toilets on site
Reasonable adjustments would be made to support any children in our care from our SEN budget
Borough support would be sought for EAL parents/children

How we identify SEN

Pupils at Harrold Primary Academy requiring extra help will be identified by:
 Regular assessments with tracking and monitoring of progress data.
 Regular observations of children.
 Use of additional screening tools such as :the Boxall profile, York Reading and Comprehension Test,
GL British Picture Vocabulary Scale, GL Dyslexia Portfolio
 Class teacher reports any concerns to SENDCO and then parents.
 Open door policy for parents to contact staff via meeting, phone or email.
 Identified needs catered for where provision can be offer.

How we support your child/young person

Class teachers oversee and plan the education provision for children requiring SEN support with the
support of the SENDCO.
Teachers, support staff and trainees will work with children as necessary to aid progress with additional
support being recorded on an individual provision map. The class teacher will meet with the parents to
share the provision map and to allow parents to contribute their views and ideas.
Governors are informed through reports from SENDCO and meetings between link governor and SENDCO.
All interventions are tracked and evaluated for impact by SENDCO.
Vulnerable children are highlighted on the class tracking data and monitored by SENDCO, Class teacher and
assessment lead.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

Harrold Primary Academy provide a structured continual professional development programme which
focuses upon Quality First Teaching. Ensuring:
 All work is differentiated in every class to meet the needs of each child
 Use of visual aids and different styles of teaching for different learning styles
 Topic curriculum approach allows for flexible approach to planning
 Teachers use the method of assess, plan, do, review
 Curriculum and learning environment are adapted through observing and assessing the children

The support we give to your child's well being

Harrold Primary Academy’s Behaviour Lead Teacher, Karen Corby, works closely with class teachers,
parents and pupils to support pastoral and social needs of pupils including their mental health and wellbeing.
The school uses a behaviour ladder, behaviour reflection sheets and positive behaviour plans to
support children in their behaviour at school. Children who are identified as requiring emotional, social or
behavioural support may attend nurture intervention sessions with the Behaviour Lead.
If a pupil requires medicine in school time a permission form must be completed. There are staff who are
trained in dealing with first aid, epilepsy and diabetes.

The expertise we have access to

The SENDCO at Harrold is currently in the process of gaining the SEN National Award.
The school can also access multi agencies for our pupils such as CAMHs, CHUMS, Social Work skills and
Speech Therapy.
The school can access support and expertise from other schools & colleagues within the MAT.

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

Consideration of pupils with SEND is given when teachers plan school trips and activities outside the
classroom. Support from Teaching Assistants will be given if necessary to ensure all pupils can access
activities outside of the classroom. We will liaise with the agencies that are assigned to each pupil and
provide staff training if needed before the trip. All children are welcomed to afterschool clubs and

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

In the Summer Term, all year 6 children have three transition days to visit their next school. Extra visits to
the school are offered if it is felt that it would be beneficial. Transition days occur for every year group to
experience time in their new forms and what to expect in that year group. Individual needs are considered
in this process and further support may be given if it is deemed beneficial.
The SENDCO will meet the new schools SENDCO to exchange information well in advance of the transition.

How we match our resources to your child

How is the decision made about the type and how much support my child will receive? Describe the decision
making process. Who will make the decision and on what basis? Who else will be involved? How will I be
involved? How does the setting / school / college judge whether the support has had an impact? How is the
setting’s / school’s / college’s special educational needs budget allocated?

How we involve parents

Parents are welcomed to help on school trips and with class activities such as reading. We have an active
PTA who organise social fundraising events for the school.

How we include your child in the planning of their support

The views of pupils requiring additional support will be gained through conversations between them and
their teacher and in some circumstances the SENDCO or Behaviour Lead. Pupils involved in reading
interventions will have a reading interview with the Teaching Assistant working with them to gain their
views both before and after the intervention takes place.

General Contact Information

We have an open door policy at Harrold. Parents can contact their child’s teacher by email or phone as
their first point of contact. They can also speak to the Principal, Assistant Principal, SENDCO or Behaviour
Lead regarding any concerns.
Acting Principal : Suzanne Payne
SENDCO: Barbara Aellen
Behaviour Lead: Karen Corby

Contact for more information

Barbara Aellen
The Green, Harrold, Beds, MK43 7DB
01234 720346

Record Last Reviewed On: 08/06/2018