Balliol Primary School

Mission Statement

At Balliol we believe in an aspirational curriculum, which offers all children memorable experiences within an exciting, challenging and creative environment alongside effective teaching of key skills for life and learning.

How we support your child's learning

The school has an open door policy and staff are happy to discuss any issues relating to individual children through direct contact with the class teacher or through a formal appointment which can be made through the school office.

Consultation evenings take place in the Autumn and Spring Terms as well as a formal annual report, which is written in the Summer Term. For children with additional needs there are termly review meetings with the class teacher where targets are reviewed and individual plans are prepared alongside parents.

Early Years pupils have a home/school book and the children have a scrapbook in which progress is documented. The scrapbooks are given to the children at the end of the Reception Year.

The school follows Sounds Write as its synthetic phonics programme and we hold a parent workshop in the autumn term for families new to the school. Maths workshop and other parents’ workshops are held regularly throughout the school year.

Parents’ coffee mornings are held each Tuesday and provide a forum for parents to raise any areas they would like to cover. This year we have held sessions on Creativity through craft supporting Friends of Balliol (FOB), networking links with Project 229, how to entertain children in the summer holidays on a budget and information about the well woman workshop. Speakers have also been invited in from the local library, credit Union and how they can help with budgets, savings and loans, Debt Advice from CAP, Careers advice from Bedford College and Dental Hygienist.

Accessibility of our service

Balliol has been built on a split level site so wheelchair accessibility has provided us with quite a challenge. However, we have portable ramps which enable full wheelchair access and also have disabled toilet facilities.

We have purchased quite sophisticated translation software to assist us with communication for parents whose first language is not English and are able to provide translations of most school letters. From September 2014 we have appointed an EAL assistant whose role will be to build links between the school and our EAL families.

The schools Accessibility audit has been completed and each year we allocate funds to improving our facilities for children with special educational needs.

How we identify SEN

All children are assessed on entry to the school in order to ensure that they are provided with a curriculum which allows them to progress. If, on entry, we deem that a child has additional need the school’s SENDCo will be informed and appropriate provision will be made to meet the needs of the child. Children’s progress is tracked throughout the school by half termly assessment activities, ongoing formative assessment and termly pupil progress meetings.

How we support your child/young person

Once a child is deemed to have additional need they become part of the school’s SEN provision map. Our SENDCo will have oversight of any additional provision that will be needed and this is monitored on a termly basis. Where additional funding is accessed for an individual this is used to meet the child’s need in line with the identified targets. Where a child needs one to one support this will be allocated but more likely individual programmes or access to external experts will be used as the key tools for securing progress. Our procedures are transparent and parents are welcome at any time to discuss their child’s needs with either class teacher, SENDCo or the Headteacher.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

Our primary approach to differentiation is through quality first teaching, ensuring that lessons are delivered, taking into account the differing needs of the class. Where a child has additional needs which are deemed to be specific or temporary, then they will be scheduled to receive Wave 2 intervention – a short term specific programme tailored to meet their individual need. Should a child’s need be deemed significant or long term they will received Wave 3 intervention – a termly programme of additional support, delivered in addition to the main curriculum and with the possible support of an EHC plan.

The support we give to your child's well being

We have a strong focus on pastoral support for all of our children and this is reflected in our adoption of a Values based approach to PSHE and a robust reward system. Children’s voice is valued and the School Council has opportunities to contribute to a variety of school decisions.

The school adheres to an Administration of Medicines Policy, which will be available to parents on the school website from Autumn 2014. Children with ongoing medical needs will be supported with a Care Plan, and where appropriate this plan will be posted throughout the school for ease of reference in an emergency situation.

Children with mental health or behavioural needs are supported with a Pastoral Support Plan and we employ a pastoral support team which includes Behaviour Support Worker, Safeguarding Officer and Parent Support Worker.

The expertise we have access to

The school employs the following specialist staff, all of whom have qualifications from their validating body:-

- Speech and Language Therapist
- Play Therapist
- Pets as Therapy support
- Safeguarding Officer
- Parent Support Worker

We also access a number of Local Authority professionals including:

- Early Years Support Team
- Educational Psychologist
- Behaviour Support Team
- Autistic Advisory Teacher

All staff have access to professional development opportunities. Recently staff have been trained in the following:

- Team Teach
- Lead Behaviour Support Training
- Academic Resilience
- Enliven Education (Lizzie Overton)
- Safer Recruitment
- Protective Behaviours
- Young Carers
- Talk 4 Writing (Pie Corbett)
- Lift Off to Language
- ‘ECERS’ Training
- ‘ITERS’ Training
- Talk for All
- ‘URLEY’ Project
- EAL for Early Years

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

It is the policy of the school to ensure that all children have access to all school trips and we work with parents to ensure that any additional needs are addressed in order that school trips can be fully inclusive.

All school clubs, including breakfast and after school clubs are open to all children and the expectation is that any child attending will be supported if this is deemed to be necessary.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

When children transfer from Balliol to a new setting, be that mainstream or a specialist provision we aim to work with the receiving school to facilitate a smooth transition. Where children need additional visits these are arranged and parents can be accompanied to visit new schools to address any concerns that they may have. We will work with parents to secure a seamless transition in whatever way is deemed appropriate for the individual child.

Transitions within the school are also carefully managed and children spend at least a full day with their new teacher in the summer term. Additional transitions are arranged within the school if deemed necessary.

How we match our resources to your child

Decisions regarding resource allocation are made by the school’s Senior Leadership Team and are monitored through the school’s provision map. The school ensures that the 5% notional SEN allocation is adhered to and we have recruited a team of support staff who are able to deliver intervention programmes across a broad range of additional need.

Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s additional needs with members of school staff at any time and their wishes will be taken into account when provision mapping is being undertaken.

How we involve parents

We acknowledge the importance of strong home school relationships and welcome parents to many school events, including class assemblies, Harvest and Christmas concerts, Leavers assembly and workshops and curriculum days throughout the year.

Parents views are taken into account in an annual questionnaire and parents are asked to comment on receipt of their child’s annual report. For children with additional needs there are termly review meetings where parents can express their views on the existing provision for their child.

Parents are welcome to take on a greater role at the school by joining ‘Friends of Balliol,’ or by opting to become a school governor.

We also welcome informal approaches where there are individual concerns regarding the quality of provision for individual children.

How we include your child in the planning of their support

Balliol has a School Council who meet regularly to discuss a wide range of issues and children are actively encouraged to be part of feedback within lessons and across the broader school provision.

Pupil Interviews are used as part of the monitoring process and pupils are also involved in the recruitment process.

General Contact Information

General Contact Information

Your child’s class teacher is always the first point of contact to discuss something about your child. The headteacher is also available to discuss issues a family may have. Where there are wider concerns then our Parent Support Worker may be asked to become involved and we also have access to a broad spectrum of external experts who can be drawn upon for a particular purpose.

Contact for more Information
Name: Kylie Storey

Role: Headteacher

Address: Balliol Road, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7ER

Telephone: 01234 300601



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