FUN United Saturday Club

What our service does

The session provides rest bite care for families with children/young people with special educational
needs and/or disabilities. The provision aims to offer a more socially focussed service offer than that of school to allow the children and young people more free choice within the meaningful activities we offer. The outcomes we work towards are those of social interaction, development of life skills and positive experiences through a range of varied activities.

The types of activities we offer include:
 Sports & Active Play
 Performing Arts
 Arts & Crafts
 Music
 Outdoor Adventure
 Cooking & baking
 Social Play (computers, video games, pool table)
 Special Projects
 Trips & Visits
 Special Events (seasonal)

The participants experience a wide range of engaging activities within the categories listed above. All activities are assessed to be inclusive and fit for purpose for the participants needs.

Location of our service

Its is located in Kempston Youth Centre, Hillgrounds Road, Kempston, MK42 8QP.

The provision covers Bedford Borough occupants who meet the services specification for users.

Who our service provides for

The service is available to children and young people with moderate to severe special educational needs and/or disabilities. The eligibility criteria is any child/young person aged with a special education need and/or disability considered moderate to severe and are residence in Bedford Borough,

Some very severe conditions cannot be catered for due to the facilities and/or special medical needs of the child/young person.

How to start using our service

Interested parents/carers can contact SSG Activities directly on 01234 340 782

We charge £5.00 per session to cover perishable resources and lunch for the participants.

All participants are required to come along for a taster session, to meet the team, other users and experience what takes place. Parents/carers are also required to go through the care plan which needs to be completed pre-visit with a member of our senior team.

We have a limited amount of places each week and if there is not a place for your child on a particular week we would put them on the waiting list in case someone cancels.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

Decisions will be made in partnership between the parent/carer and the SSG Activities senior team to the needs of the participants and the suitability of the offer, including required ratios of care, management techniques and strategies for care. Everything will be done to provide an inclusive and meaningful experience where it can safely be done.

How we communicate with our service users

A range of communication techniques are used and these are dictated to us in relation to the needs of the participants.

We communicate with parents/carers a number of ways including discussing care plan reports from the day the children and young people attend the provision, through our fully manned office and CRM system and through regular parent/carer online surveys and feedback forms.

Where barriers to communicating are identified special support would be brought in to assist with the service.

We have regular events in which families can attend and experience first hand some of the different activities that take place in the provision

Accessibility of our service

We are situated opposite a bus stop and there are parking facilities at the facility.

The building we currently use is fully wheelchair accessible and we have disabled toilet/changing facilities that can be accessed by users.

Provision is made for all participants to access all elements of the service and this is build into the initial care plan document we undertake.

Qualifications and training of our staff

Staff have a comprehensive range of training to work with the children and young people who access the provision. This training covers basic disability awareness and extended safeguarding. Training modules also include best practice for:
 Visual Impairment
 Hearing Impairment
 Mobility Problems
 Mental Health Difficulties
 Autism
 Social & Emotional Difficulties
 Asperger’s Syndrome
 Speech, Language and Communication Needs

General Contact Information

First point of contact is Claire Hopkins; or 01234 340782

Claire is our customer care manager and would be the person to speak to initially regarding any concern or query.

Contact for more information

Claire Hopkins
Business Support Manager
Kempston Youth Centre, Hillgrounds Road, Kempston, Bedfordshire, MK42 8QP
01234 340782
Opening Hours:
9.30am – 1.00pm

Record Last Reviewed On: 06/02/2017