F4YP/YMCA Bedfordshire - After School Clubs & Holiday Courses

What our service does

Based in Kempston F4YP aim to inspire young people (YPS) to acheive their potential thorugh after school clubs and holiday courses. After school clubs, music, violin, swimming beginners, improvers, sports power, sports fitness, canoeing, rock climbing, leadership skills, holidays: 2 x 3 days, 2 x 5 days music, art drama, dance, design technology, science, healthy eating, books and games.

Location of our service

F4YP is a charity for Kempston young people. All venues are local to Kempston families and within easy walking distance. F4YP take young people from 10 years old (School yr 5) upwards.

Fees for those attending Kempston schools or living in Kempston:-after school sessions cost £2 or £3 holiday courses £15 fo r 3 day & £20.00 for 5 day. Those from outside Kempston pay double.

Young People entitled to free school meals come free. If funds allow F4YP arrange away days such as Rock Climbing/Canoe days or visit to art gallery/theatre.

Who our service provides for

F4YP welcomes young people from 10 yrs upwards (school year 5).

Activities are open to all, although, F4YP invites young people who may find life difficult and maybe deprived. They are given extra help and attention. F4YP have limited facilities but we would try to help any family and young person to get the help they need.

How to start using our service

Information is available in libraries and Kempston schools. Also F4YP go to school assemblies, class assemblies, parents evenings. Information is on our website. Enquiries will be answered asap although the office is not manned every day.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

The management team discuss and make decisions. There have been, so far, no difficulties. F4YP are available to talk to parents, carers, guardians at the beginning and end of a session. If a course becomes full we keep details on a waiting list and make contact as soon as a pace becomes available. After school clubs give "free taster" sessions.

How we communicate with our service users

Our team visit schools regularly to speak to students and teaching staff. Programmes are handed out/emailed or posted to families. Booking forms can be handed back to school reception to save on postage. Parents can talk to staff at the beginning and end of sessions. We have an experienced team and use qualified teachers who evaluate each course. Our entrants also give feedback so we can continue to improve and provide services which are needed.

Accessibility of our service

All services are provided in venues local to Kempston families. They are within easy walking distance and there is also public transport offered nearby.

Qualifications and training of our staff

The staff are qualified in the activity they teach and as they teach in schools, they would have had SEND training. F4YP have staff trained in safe guarding and first aiders.

Contact for more information

Carol Macfarlane
Activities Co-ordinator
43 Bromham Road, Bedford, MK40 2AA
01234 264109
07831 331333
Opening Hours:
Office: 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday

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