St John Rigby Primary

Mission Statement

God’s will be done through work and play; As we follow Jesus day by day.

How we support your child's learning

• Class Teachers, SENCo, Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher are available to contact via the school office (by phone or email)
• There are two parent’s evenings each year for each year group
• Termly IEPs and/or personalised plans are sent home.
• Each young person receives a yearly full school report
• For some young people there is regular internet contact with parents / carers
• Home school books are used with some young people as a communication tool
• The school homework diary/Reading record book is also used a communication tool
• All young people are tracked by their class teacher SENCo and Deputy Head at least termly
• Staff are happy to meet with parent’s to discuss ways forward for their young people.
• We run information evenings for parents e.g. maths methods, phonics evening
• Parent support can be offered through our Family Support Worker
• Multiagency meetings are offered to pupils and parents.
• Annual review meetings are held for all SEN pupils.
• Each term, a curriculum overview of the term is provided for each year group. This includes a breakdown of coverage in core and foundation subjects and topic work. Information is also given regarding home support and independent study. This consists of suggested resources and websites which children and parents can access in order to support work in school.
• The school currently consults with parents with regard to its own improvement planning. In addition, there are parent information evenings which focus on areas such as Parental support for the early reader, e-safety and preparation for SATs papers.

Accessibility of our service

• St. John Rigby is wheelchair accessible. We have a lift in the Upper key stage 2 building which takes you to the second floor. All playgrounds are level and we do have dropped curbs.
• There are two disabled toilets in the school.
• We have sound systems, including microphones in each classroom to aid with hearing.
• There is an ongoing decoration schedule which ensures all areas stay visually attractive.
• We have a number of staff who speak different languages and where necessary they are able to translate.
• We have a thriving SEN department which supports young people very successfully.
• Equipment and changes to facilities in order to meet the needs of young people is assessed on individual and group needs.

How we identify SEN

At St John Rigby we monitor all young people half termly. The aim of this monitoring is to ensure that all young people are making progress and highlight any young people who may need extra support. If we have concerns about young people we contact parents and put the relevant support in place.

If you as a parent have concerns about your young person having special educational needs you need to contact your child’s class teacher who will then arrange an appointment with the SENCo if necessary.

The SENDCo liaises regularly with Local Authority and other agencies to plan support for specific needs (e.g. LA Autism Unit) and works with the Head Teacher to secure support, training and resources.

How we support your child/young person

Early Years begin initial contact with parents an academic year before your child starts school via open evenings and welcome mornings, this gives parents a chance to come and view the school and speak to staff about any concerns. Once your child has a place within school, A further introductory evening is established in May. Visits are made to the previous education settings in order to enable information about each child to be passed on and to plan ahead for a smooth Transition into Early Years. Early Years staff spend the first 2 weeks of the September visiting children and parents at home to ensure a smooth transition between home and starting school. Once home visits have finished a welcome morning takes place, where your child is invited to come into school before their official start date.

All staff at St. John Rigby are teachers of children with special educational needs. When planning lessons, staff consider the needs of all the young people in their class and teach accordingly. Where appropriate there is additional support from either a Teaching Assistant (TA) or a SEN LSA. All support is monitored by SENDCo (Special Educational Needs & Disability Co-ordinator) and Senior Leadership Team. All young people are monitored half termly. If you have any queries about the support your young person receives the best person to speak to is their class teacher.

The Senior Leadership team reports to the Directors half termly. In this report there is always reference to young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability) and the progress they are making. There is also a dedicated Director for SEND and the SENCo meets with him and the other SENCos in the Trust at least termly.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

Teachers know the young people in their classes very well and use this knowledge in their planning. This knowledge and the half termly monitoring allows the teachers to plan so that learning takes place in the classroom. Staff have training on supporting the needs of all pupils (differentiation) and young people’s books and planning are monitored termly.

Modification are made to the curriculum and the learning environment in order to make learning accessible for all pupils with individual learning needs.

The support we give to your child's well being

St John Rigby is an advocate for Every Child Matters and we pride ourselves on our Catholic Ethos which ensures that we love care and support one another always. We have 2 emotional support groups within school that children can access at anytime in the year, Rainbows- which deals with Bereavement and Sunbeams that caters for children with behaviour, social and emotional issues. There are always staff available to support a young person’s needs and this support can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Medication and personal care needs are met on an individual level. Needs are taken into consideration and structures are put into place depending on the need which includes training for staff on administration of medicines.

Our Behaviour for Learning Policy is school wide and is evaluated each year by staff and young people. All staff enforce the Behaviour Policy and this helps to maintain a very good standard of behaviour within the school.

Attendance is monitored and half termly meetings are held with the Education Welfare Officer. Appropriate support is put in place for young people and parents in order to ensure that attendance does not become a barrier to learning.

Young people’s views are very important. We always include young people in Reviews and ask their opinion on how they are getting on at school. We have an established school council that meet every fortnight to discuss matters about the school that are of importance to them.

The expertise we have access to

At St. John Rigby we are able to seek support from various outside agencies. We work closely with these agencies to ensure that young people are receiving the most suitable support for their needs. Some of the services that have work with young people in the school include:

Child Development Centre
School Nurse
Speech and Language Therapist
Social Care
Educational Psychologist
Autism Advisory Teachers
Early Years advisory teacher
Bedford Borough Assessment and Monitoring team.
Local GPs
Other specialist Doctors (As required)

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

St John Rigby has an extensive after school and lunch time club timetable which all children can access. School trips are planned accordingly by class teachers and any individual needs are taken into account and catered for.

We have morning care which currently runs from 8am-8.45am and an after school care that is available until 4.30pm. St John Rigby is currently looking into wrap around care which will enable us to stay open until 6pm. This will be in place from January 2015.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

We have close links with our feeder Nurseries and our link secondary school, St Thomas More which ensures smooth transitions. During the year we have regular discussions about young people who are moving to us or away from us. Where appropriate Early Years staff will visit nurseries to speak to staff about children who will be attending our setting.

A transition programme has been put in to place for Year 6 pupils moving to St Thomas More.

A transition programme has also been established for those pupils with SEN moving onto St Thomas More, where both SENCos will liase to ensure that all information is passed on accordingly. SEND pupils have their own bespoke Transition programme that allows them to visit the Emmaus Inclusion Centre which supports vulnerable groups of pupils.

How we match our resources to your child

Parent and young person views are always taken into consideration in relation to meeting the needs of the young person. Careful planning has to take place in relation to resources and how they are used. Each young person is considered individually. Working together is the best way to ensure that the needs of your child are met. Young people are monitored half termly through our tracking system. Interventions are monitored by either the class teacher or the SENCo. This monitoring allows impact to be measured.

How we involve parents

Working together is the best way to ensure that young people are happy and make progress. We encourage a close relationship between school and parents and our door is always open.

How we include your child in the planning of their support

The young people are the most important part of the school. Our aim is to make their time at school enjoyable and productive. We involve young people in their learning in a variety of ways. Young people have the opportunity to speak to adults about what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they learn best. We do this on a 1-1 basis where appropriate. We also have a thriving school council and various subject focus groups which young people are encouraged to join.

General Contact Information

Mr Adam Palmer- Head Teacher

Mrs Heather Lampard- Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Maria Hutchinson- Deputy Head Teacher

Miss Anna Vecchio- SENDCo

School: 01234 401900

Parent Partnership are always willing to support parents and help them with queries.
Bedford Borough Parent Partnership Service
Borough Hall
Cauldwell Street
MK42 9AP

Tel: 01234 276267

Contact for more information

Miss Vecchio
Polhill Avenue, Bedford, MK41 9DQ
01234 401900