Emmaus Village Carlton

What our service does

We work with homeless people, offering them a home and meaningful work while they engage with issues relevant to themselves. Our residents need to engage and work in our social enterprise for 40 hours weekly. We do support our residents but this does not cover health or living skills.

Location of our service

We are in the village of Carlton, in Bedfordshire, one site only.

Who our service provides for

We provide services for those 18+.
Clients need to be able to live independently with minimal support.
We are not able to cater for children.
We need to be sure that we can support an individual's needs.
We have 2/3 support workers for 35 clients

How to start using our service

We can accept self referrals but if an individual is receiving support we prefer an agency referral. Forms available on our website.

There is no charge for our service as our social enterprise is the way we fund our work.
Waiting list varies, depending on the needs at the time.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

We work as a team and make decisions on an individual basis.
We like to speak to anyone we decline

How we communicate with our service users

We communicate directly to our residents; we do not offer family any information. As adults our residents decide for themselves what they feel is important.

Accessibility of our service

We are a mile from the nearest bus stop.
There are plenty of parking spaces here.
We have disabled toilets.
We have two bedrooms that are wheelchair accessible.
We have a staff team to offer support to individuals but no-one available to assist outside of working hours.

Qualifications and training of our staff

We do not have specialist staff.
We are trained in safeguarding.
We work closely with the drug and alcohol services, probation and any other services that our residents access.

General Contact Information

Initial contact would be with the support team. Contact available from our receptionist

Contact for more information

Helen Jago
Community Leader
School Lane, Carlton, Bedford, MK43 7LQ
01234 720826
Opening Hours:

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