Speech and Language Therapy

What our service does

The Speech and Language Therapy team provides assessment and therapy for communication and swallowing difficulties in adults, both inpatients and outpatients. We deal with a wide range of conditions including stroke, progressive conditions, dementia, cancer, head injury, voice problems and stammering. We offer a seamless service, in that the same team will see a patient across all settings, including domiciliary and care home visits.

We are based on the ground floor of Beeden House, reception C, at Bedford Hospital and have two treatment rooms for individual therapy and a group therapy room. All rooms are wheelchair accessible.

Additional Information

Outpatient referrals are put on a waiting list and appointments are usually given within a few weeks, although earlier appointments can be offered if urgent. At your first appointment we will discuss with you the difficulties you are experiencing, and how speech and language therapy may be able to help. If you have been referred for assessment of swallowing we will need to see you eat and drink something. You are welcome to bring a relative or friend with you if you would like to.

Following assessment the type of intervention offered will vary. Some people require several sessions of regular therapy. Others need only one or two appointments. We can arrange hospital transport or an interpreter if required and requested.

Contact for more information

Beeden House, Reception C, Bedford Hospital, Bedford, MK42 9DJ
01234 792275

Record Last Reviewed On: 31/05/2018