Rushmoor School

What our service does

At Rushmoor we aim to enable pupils to acquire the knowledge, wisdom and self-discipline appropriate for life-long learning, employment and adult life. To achieve this aim we ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to develop their intellectual, physical and creative gifts, across a broad and balanced curriculum.

We promote the personal development of pupils, encouraging lively and enquiring minds, respect for themselves and others as well as a high regard for truth. We encourage self-confidence, integrity, social responsibility and awareness in students. Pupils learn to show respect and active concern for their school surroundings and for the wider environment.

High Standards
Our aim is to provide an environment in which every pupil can achieve the highest standards in all aspects of school life in preparation for the challenges of the future. The stability and security of continuous education on one site, spanning the age range from 2 – 16 years is a major factor in helping us achieve this.

Developing the Individual
We place a major emphasis on the individual, recognising that all children are different, and we value each and every one in their own right. Each child has his or her own talents and abilities and we aim to encourage each one to develop their own special strengths and to grow in confidence and self-esteem to find their role in the community. Happiness is the first essential in this.
Through our pastoral care system, we aim to help each child to develop their potential in both academic and extra-curricular fields by encouragement, understanding and a close working relationship between children, staff and parents.

Whilst every effort is made to draw out the academic potential of each individual, we consider it equally important that the children should grow up to be confident, caring, honest and responsible young people, capable of making a positive contribution to the society in which they live and work.

We strongly uphold the Christian principles in as far as they refer to the way in which we behave towards each other. In practise, it means that we teach our children honesty, integrity, compassion and a true respect for all around them.

Location of our service

Rushmoor School is located on Shakespeare Road in Bedford. We do not have a specific catchment area and our children come from a wide range of geographical areas. We are therefore used to working with a number of different local authorities.

Who our service provides for

We are a non-selective school for pupils aged between 2 and 16 years. Our school site comprises of a range of buildings. The newer buildings, including the Nursery, allowing access for pupils with physical disabilities. At present we have students with difficulties in the following areas:

• Communication and interaction
• Cognition and learning
• Social and emotional difficulties
• Sensory and /or physical needs

We work with parents to make reasonable adjustments for pupils with additional needs on a case by case basis. On the rare occasion that this is not possible we aim to support parents in finding alternative placements.

How to start using our service

Parents can make direct contact with the school or attend one of our open days. We have a flexible settling in procedure which includes taster days and close liaison with the parents. As an Independent School we charge fees for our service. We accept The Universal Government Free Entitlement Grant (FE) for 3-4 year olds and any personal budgets can be used for additional support.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

We are a non-selective independent school and our Admissions Policy outlines our admissions procedure. This can be found on our school website

How we communicate with our service users

Parents have daily contact with their child’s key person. There are regular formal and informal opportunities throughout the year for parents to liaise with the school. We complete the two year old check for children in our care and also provide further summary reports. We have members of staff who can communicate in Punjabi and Italian.

Accessibility of our service

The school is well serviced by public transport. Alternatively, parents are able to park in nearby residential areas. Our nursery is a communication friendly zone. We have disabled toilet and changing facilities in our EYFS area.

All children benefit from quality first teaching. This means that the child’s key person/teacher is responsible for assessing and planning for the child’s next steps, which will allow them to make best progress.

Parents are immediately contacted if there are any concerns and we work closely with them as well as any outside professionals, such as Speech and Language Therapists, to ensure that the child’s needs are met.

We endeavour to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their needs, have full access to the activities of our service. If any pupil has needs which are additional too/different from those of their peers, we create and implement an Individual Education Plan to assist them in integrating fully. The class teacher and SEND team monitor and review IEPs on a regular basis. Parents are invited to contribute to IEPs.

Qualifications and training of our staff

EYFS staff attend regular Bedford Borough training courses and network meetings. They also meet with staff from the SEND team on a regular basis.

We work with professionals from:

• Foundation Stage Advisory Teachers
• Educational Psychologists
• Autism Advisory Team
• Speech and Language Therapy Team
• Occupational Therapy Team
• Social Care Team
• CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service)
• CHUMS (Child bereavement, Trauma and Emotional Well-Being Service)
• Sensory Impairment Team
• Support Challenge and Intervention 0-19 Team

General Contact Information

Tel: 01234 352031

Mrs T Djukic, Head of Junior School

Mrs M Holgate, SENCo

Contact for more information

Marion Holgate
58/60 Shakespeare Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK40 2DL
01234 352031
Opening Hours:
See website for term dates.

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