Mental Health Assessment Unit

What our service does

The Mental Health Assessment Units (MHAU) are 24-hour dedicated inpatient units designed for supporting adults who are in a mental health crisis, requiring an in-depth assessment period, and are willing to accept an informal inpatient stay.
A full psychosocial assessment is carried out, in most cases within 24 hours. The maximum stay at the Assessment Unit is five days. The assessment looks at the best way of treating the person referred to the unit, either at home, through the new Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Teams or admission to a day unit or an appropriate admission to a ward.

The service offers:
•24 hour, 365 days a year services;
•active involvement of the patient, family and carers;
•choice and autonomy, where possible;
•intensive assessment, intervention and support in the early stages of a crisis;
•rapid response following referral to the Unit;
•recovery planning with patient focussed outcomes;
•sensitive approach to ethnic and cultural issues;
•share learning from the crisis;
•time-limited interventions that are able to respond to patient’s needs;
•to provide practical support and assistance with problems of daily living.
The Assessment Units consist of multi-disciplinary teams including Mental Health Nurses, Clinical Support Workers, Clinical Psychologists, a Consultant Psychiatrist and medical staff. They work in partnership with the Outpatients Team, Care Co-ordinators, Social Workers and GPs to support the patient through their inpatient stay.

Location of our service

Weller Wing – Bedford (7 Beds)

Who our service provides for

• Patients presenting in psychiatric crisis, for whom at the point of initial assessment, or assessment following re-referral, there does not appear to be any alternative to in-patient admission at that time.
•Over 18 years old

Exclusions from service:
• patients from outside Luton andBedfordshire;
•patients under 18 years old;
•patients detained under the Mental Health Act, although may accommodate patients who are recalled from a Community Treatment Order (CTO);
•patients who do not present with an acute mental health crisis but who would benefit from other “specialist” mental health interventions- these patients will be passed on to the relevant service;
•the service will not accept any patients from Accident & Emergency who have not been declared medically fit.

How to start using our service

Referrals are accepted from the following:
• GPs;
•Care Co-ordinator;
•Community Mental Health Teams;
•Community Nurse;
•health professionals;
•Hospital Liaison Nurse;
•social services.

Assessment within four hours from referral.
Admission dependent on bed availability.

Contact for more information

Karen Campbell
Ward Sister
Weller Wing- Bedford (7 Beds), Mental Health Assessment Unit (MHAU), Bedford Hospital, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK42 9DJ
01234 299955