Children's Continuing Care Team

What our service does

The aim of our service is to support children with complex medical continuing healthcare needs to live within their family home and fulfil their potential as individuals. This includes supporting them in a variety of settings in the community for example, schools and nurseries. Without the support of the team many families would find it impossible to continue to care for their child at home.

Location of our service

Our Specialist service covers the whole of Bedfordshire (not Luton -which has it's own Children's Continuing Care Team hosted by Luton Community Health Services).

Who our service provides for

Our service is for children aged 0-18 years (can be extended to 19 years if school support required) if care needs continue after 18 years then transition to adult services is planned now from aged 14 years.

How to start using our service

If you think this service may be able to meet you and your child's needs you can make a request by discussion this with one of your child's Doctor/ Nurse/ Health Visitor/ Teacher or Social Worker in the first instance.

To request a Continuing Health Care Assessment :
Email the BCCG (Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group) via: or phone 01525 864430 ext. 5819, who will allocate the assessment to the appropriate community nurse and follow the BCCG Policy for Children's Continuing Healthcare Assessment processes.

The BCCG website with more information can be accessed :

How decisions are made about who can use our service

The Healthcare Assessment will identify if your child's healthcare needs meet the national criteria to receive this service. Which should always be discussed with you throughout. Once there has been confirmation that the child/young person meets the criteria for continuing healthcare the case is presented at the Joint Allocation Panel which is held on the 1st Thursday of the month for Beds Borough and the 3rd Thursday of the month for Central Bedfordshire.

How we communicate with our service users

Parents are recognised as the experts in their childs particular condition(s) and are fully involved in Continuing Health Care Assessment and planning for care packages to be agreed.

Parents are required to support the Registered Nurses in developing the care plans for Specialist trained carers to follow and it is vital that they are involved in the ongoing evaluation/review to ensure everything planned is working as appropriate.

Accessibility of our service

Our service is delivered in areas to suit the individual person's needs, usually in their home or school. We support inclusion for the child to access education and social care activities to maximise their opportunities.

Qualifications and training of our staff

We work very closely with all professionals involved in supporting the child/young person both locally and at specialist centres. For example this may include Hospital staff, Physiotherapist, Hospice teams, Education, Social Workers, Hospital staff.

As the team attend schools and nurseries we will actively contribute to Education, Health and Care plans.

SEND Training has not been specifically identified to date, however due to the nature of the needs of many of the children for whom we care for SEND training will be an essential training pathway.

General Contact Information

SEPT Community Health Services Bedfordshire
Children's Community Nursing Team
Union Street Clinic
Union Street
MK40 2SF

Tel: 01234 310103 Fax: 01234 310997 or email:

Contact for more information

Rebecca Bedford
Children's Continuing Care Team Co-ordinator
Union Street Clinic, Bedford, Bedfordshire
01234 310103
01234 310997
Opening Hours:
24 hours per day 365 days per year- for care to be offered.

For advice and referral prior to acceptance for care we can be contacted Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.