Children's Community Nursing

What our service does

We provides a range of services to support children and young people aged 0 - 18 years (which can be extended to 19 years to support transition to adult services for young people with special needs ) who require skilled nursing support in the community.
We provide specialist clinical support for families to enable them to care for their child in their own home, to avoid unnecessary hospital admission and promote high quality family centred care.

Our services:
1. Skilled Care of any nursing procedure that can safely be undertaken at home if a child or young person requires a specific clinical procedure for example intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular medication. Other examples include wound care and gastrostomy care.
2. Symptom Control Management if the child or young person requires a period of regular assessment and monitoring of symptoms, for example blood pressure monitoring or oxygen monitoring. The CCN's also support oxygen dependent babies, children/ young people at home and children with complex medical needs and work together with a range of professionals to assess plan and deliver care to maximise opportunities.
3. Education - if the family requires training to enable them to continue providing support and ongoing care, for example enteral feeding, suctioning and administration of medication.
4. Acting as advocate for child and family, identifying a Lead Professional in conjunction with family.
5. Acting as resource for other professionals to the right person, at the right time care for the child/young person in the right way.

Location of our service

The Children's Community Nursing Team (CCN) can support children and young people aged 0 - 18 years (which can be extended to 19 years to support transition to adult services for young people with special needs ) who have a GP in North/North Central Bedfordshire.

(Children who have a GP in South and South Central Bedfordshire can be referred to the Children's Community Nursing Team hosted by Luton Community Services).

The CCN Team are based at Union Street Clinic, but usually travel to the patient's home or agreed local venue for example a school as the need required.

Who our service provides for

Our service is for children aged 0-18 years (can be extended to 19 years if school support required)if care needs continue after 18 years then transition to adult services is planned now from aged 14 years.

How to start using our service

We prefer a referral from another health professional, however we are happy to receive enquiries by phone or email from anyone to ensure you get care from the right person, in the right place at the right time.

Tel 01234 310103

How decisions are made about who can use our service

The CCN team can support children/young people with clinical nursing need within working hours. Depending on the need of the child/young person therefore, another service may be appropriate to meet the needs of your child/ young person better, but this should always be discussed and explained to you if they are declined and alternative support options identified.

How we communicate with our service users

Children, young people and their parents are involved in the assessment and agreeing any plans of care and evaluating/reviewing how effective this care has been for them.

The assessment is always in person, but ongoing communications can be by phone, email or letter according to the need and preference of the family/child/young person.

Accessibility of our service

Our service is delivered in areas to suit the individual person's needs, usually in their home or school or a clinic setting, which are mutually agreed to be appropriate for the purpose of the contact.

Qualifications and training of our staff

We work very closely with all professionals involved in supporting the child/young person both locally and at specialist centres. For example this may include Hospital staff, Physiotherapist, Hospice teams, Education, Social Workers, Hospital staff
As the team attend schools and nurseries we will actively contribute to Education, Health and Care plans.

SEND Training has not been specifically identified to date, however due to the nature of the needs of many of the children for whom we care for SEND training will be an essential training pathway.

General Contact Information

SEPT Community Health Services Bedfordshire
Children's Community Nursing Team
Union Street Clinic
Union Street
MK40 2SF

Tel: 01234 310103 Fax: 01234 310997 or email:

Contact for more information

Alison Wardley
Team Manager Children's Community Nursing
Union Street Clinic, Bedford, Bedfordshire
01234 310103
01234 310997
Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm