Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery

What our service does

Cheeky Monkeys Two is a full day care nursery and we cater for children aged 3 months to 5 years and are able to take children with special educational needs and disabilities. We work closely with the Early Years Support Team at the Child Development Centre in Kempston and where necessary we can refer a child for assessment and when needed will appoint a 1 to 1 key person who works with the child and their fairly to ensure they get the most out of the setting.

We work with the EYFS framework and all of our learning is through play. All of our activities and resources are accessible to all.

Location of our service


Who our service provides for

Cheeky Monkeys Two is a full day care nursery and we cater for children aged 3 months to 5 years and are able to take children with mild special educational needs and disabilities as we are not a specialist setting. We ware able to take children subject to SEND funding and support from the EYST/CDC.

We have links to local Childrens Centres (mainly Pine Cones) and we signpost children and parent/carers to more appropriate sources of support if we are not able to help. We also work with the Speech And Language Team

How to start using our service

We are able to take funded 2 year olds (subject to meeting the criteria) as well as 3 & 4 year olds as we are a regular daycare nursery. We are open to all but we do insist on a minimum of 2 sessions being taken per week.

We do have a waiting list at the moments as we are full, but we expect to have spaces in September when older children leave to go to school.

We have a £35 registration fee nad require a two week deposit prior to starting. We offer at least 2 free play sessions where the parent or carer is able to stay and play. If any further sessions are required this causes no problems.

Our cost per session is £21 for under 2 years and £22 for over 2 years.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

If funding is required for a child with SEN or a disability we apply to Bedford Borough Council EYST and the Child Development Centre who assess the need and the application. We always include parents and carers in the application and decision making process.

How we communicate with our service users

We use and teach a little Makaton in nursery with children and parents. We have regular newsletters and information leaflets issued to all parents. When necessary we will find an interpreter if EAL is an issue. We have a good settling in policy and regular updates with parents and carers. We have termly consultations sessions when we can discuss progress and development, general issues and concerns. These are usually combined with open mornings and children and parents can come along and play and see how their children are learning through play. We also plan to invite practitioners from local Children's Centres who can offer support and advise on a range of childhood issues.

Our development folders are very comprehensive and give a good insight into how a child is doing and how we are moving them on in their development. IEPs are used when needed and staff are trained and motivated to work with a range of age, stage and abilities.

Accessibility of our service

Our nursery is set just on the edge of town, but in walking distance of the town centre, bus station and train station. We have some parking available on our drive and we have wheelchair and buggy access. Our toilet facilities have been adapted to allow space for wheelchairs.

All resources and activities are available and accessible by all.

Qualifications and training of our staff

All staff are trained in safeguarding children and our 1:1 carers have SEND training as does the Manager who is the SENDCo. We are due to go on the Working Together training soon to update and refresh our training.

General Contact Information

In the first instance please speak to the Manager to discuss any issues and if needed we would refer to the EYST or CDC for advice or assistance.

Contact for more information

Dianne Todd
Nursery Manager
6 Linden Road, Bedford, MK40 2DA
01234 216147
07817 541213
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 7.30 - 18.00

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