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Mission Statement

Committed to achievement for all

How we support your child's learning

At Cauldwell we continuously review children's progress and analyse data against National expectations and individual pupil potential. We invite parents in termly to discuss their child's progress and our open door approach ensures staff are available throughout the year to meet with parents when requested. We would just ask that parents call the office to make an appointment.

Class teachers always meet children at the start of the day and see children out at the end of the day. Parents can give quick messages at this time or write messages in the reading diary for teachers to respond to.

Prior to starting at Cauldwell we invite parents in and visit the home to discuss individual needs and requirements.

The Curriculum is published on our website and each term parents receive a Curriculum Overview that highlights the learning focus for the term. This curriculum overview also suggests ways families can support at home. We hold curriculum meetings throughout the year to share new expectations and methods of teaching with parents.

We have a strong Parent Community Group who meet regularly and is supported by our Parent Support Worker. This Parent Support Worker also provides family and adult learning opportunities which run in our designated Community Hut.

Accessibility of our service

Cauldwell is fully accessible for wheelchairs. We have disabled toilets and a lift for access to our two year four classrooms. We have changing facilities and showers.

All teachers are very aware of the importance of Visual and Auditory requirements. All classrooms have Interactive White Boards or Interactive TVs.

Many of our families have English as their second language. We use interpreters but also communicate messages via text in home languages.

We look carefully at the resources required to support children's learning and regularly update. If a specific resource was identified then a request would go to the Finance Governors for approval.

How we identify SEN

At Cauldwell we regularly assess pupil progress. If a child is not making the expected progress then parents would be informed immediately. We then follow our graduated response, on our website, entitled: GR Cauldwell Autumn 2016 pdf . This ensures the pupil receives the additional support they need to make good progress. If this SEN support does not achieve expected progress then outside agencies are invited in to help with specific assessment and guidance.

Parents are welcomed into school and can raise a concern with the Headteacher, Inclusion Manager or class teacher.

How we support your child/young person

Each child's needs differ and we therefore take each case individually. Most children's education is planned for by the class teacher through quality first teaching, but if special support is required then the Inclusion Manager will oversee the planning and implementation of a programme. This may involve a Learning Support Assistant in class working one to one or with a small group.

If a child requires additional support the Class teacher will communicate this with parents and the SENDCo will support.

We have a SEND Governor who makes regular visits to the school and the Headteacher reports on SEND termly to full Governors.

Our School Improvement Partner analyses school data termly and reports on the progress of children SEND.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

We follow a Creative Curriculum using topics to capture children's imagination and interests.
These are planned termly with the children in mind.

Each lesson is then planned and differentiation is made for EAL, SEND and G&T. All lessons have clear learning objectives and success criteria in the form of “steps to success”.

Each class has a creative area linked to the topic and where possible the outside learning environment is utilised.

The support we give to your child's well being

At Cauldwell we treat every child as an individual and supporting their well being is critical. We have a clear PSHE curriculum which supports the development of children's well being.

We have a lead professional designated to managing medicines and a clear policy to follow.

We have a lead behaviour professional who supports children to break down barriers to learning through active learning including outdoor activities such as team challenge and forest school activities. If we have significant concerns about the well being of a pupil we will refer to outside agencies for additional support.

We have a school council and children have a chance to raise issues through their class representative who meet monthly.

The expertise we have access to

• Our qualified SENDCo has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a variety of special educational needs through a long teaching career which includes 4 years in a special school.
• Our lead behaviour professional has qualifications as a learning mentor, RSA in child psychology, solution focused skills training and she is developing outdoor learning at Cauldwell using sports leadership skills and training.
• We employ 3 specialist, experienced teachers for working with specific target groups in order to accelerate learning. One of these teachers is an experienced ex SENDCo who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. One class teacher is trained in the Elklan speech therapy approach and leads this across the school.
• We employ a Dyslexia Specialist Teacher who can administer assessments for specific learning needs. She is also a trained reading recovery teacher.
• Our parent support worker is trained to deliver the ‘Freedom’ program, has a play work NVQ and, through her previous role working for an early help team, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team with accessing external advice and support.
• We have an LSA who is a trained communicator and LSAs are trained in areas including talking partners, Catch up Literacy, Fischer Family Trust reading.

Through the local authority and Health service we access a range of specialist services.

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

All children are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities and trips.

If specific support is required we would liaise with parents and then organise.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

We work closely with our nurseries to ensure transition is smooth. Children and families are encouraged to visit prior to joining us and home visits are arranged.

Bedford Academy organises a transition programme for year 6 pupils which we support. We also arrange additional transition visits for more vulnerable pupils.

Teachers at our cluster schools communicate regularly to ensure there is smooth transition.

How we match our resources to your child

The Governors allocate resources based on need.
The Headteacher and SENDCo look at the requirements of individuals and request / allocate resources accordingly.

All teams have Learning Support Assistants to support pupils in interventions and to achieve IEP targets. Some LSAs are directly linked to individual children based on their Education Health and Care plan advice.

Parents will be informed of the resources given to their child and the impact will be measured termly through reviewing intervention plans and IEPs.

How we involve parents

Parents are an integral part of our school. We strongly encourage parental engagement through coffee mornings, breakfasts and a strong family support ethos. Teachers welcome parental support in class and for trips. Our Parents Support Worker runs coffee mornings for parents and encourages all to get involved.

IEPs are reviewed with parents termly and we are currently working with some parents, our feeder Nursery school and a local special school to develop a SEND parent support group.

How we include your child in the planning of their support

Conversations are had regularly between teachers and children about their work and what they need to do to improve it. IEP reviews require children to comment on their progress and we encourage them to suggest ways we could help them.

These views are recorded and we try to accommodate where possible.

General Contact Information

Teachers are always willing to discuss with parents issues regarding their children but an appointment might need to be made. The Head Teacher and SENDCo are also available to discuss issues with parents. Appointments can be made via the school office or by calling 01234 301400.

Parent Partnership Services can provide confidential and impartial information, advice and support.

The Local Authorities Offer can be found on the LA website and there is a link form our website.

Contact for more information

Mrs Kerrie Gobindram
Inclusion manager and SENDCo
Edward Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK42 9DR
01234 301400
01234 301400

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