Castle Newnham School - (Years 5 to 11)

Mission Statement

Achievement through opportunity

How we support your child's learning

- The attainment of every student in the school is monitored half termly in core subjects (English, maths and science) and termly in all other subjects to ensure they are making progress. As part of this cycle, the achievement and attainment of students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) are analysed and any students who are not making expected progress are identified.
- A report with information about student achievement is issued to parents annually.
- Parents evening take place at least once a year and this provides an opportunity for a detailed discussion about the progress your child should be and is making with a class or subject teacher.
- Other information evenings take place over the course of the year and include topics like SATs preparation and reading with children.
- Members of staff, including the class or form teacher and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-Ordinator (SENDCo), are always happy to meet with parents at their request to discuss any aspect of a child's education.
- The school website contains important information including calendar information and school policies. Newnham Middle School has a twitter feed which can be accessed from the school website and this is updated regularly.

Accessibility of our service

- Newnham Middle School's building has stair access to a number of classroom and unfortunately lifts are not installed which means the school building is not fully wheelchair accessible. There is a disabled toilet on the ground floor of the building.
- We work closely with the visually and hearing impaired team and liaise with them if extra equipment is required for visually or hearing impaired students. Support is given on an individualised basis to ensure needs are met.

How we identify SEN

- If a student is identified as having a SEND in Lower School, this information will be passed on to the SENDCo when she goes out and visits the primary school. In addition to this, all students are assessed on initial entry to school and complete a reading, spelling and cognitive ability tests. The data is then analysed to identify any areas in which a student may be working below the expected level and may need extra help.
- The attainment of every student in the school is monitored regularly. If the school are concerned the student is not making enough progress and we think it may be due to a Special Educational Need, relevant assessments will be carried out and families will be involved in decision making about any support that is provided.
- If you think that your child may have a Special Educational Need or needs extra help you can contact the SENDCO, Claire Kerridge on 01234 303403.

How we support your child/young person

- All teachers at Newnham Middle School are teachers of children with SEND and will support students in their classes by personalising their lessons in response to a child's need. Where appropriate, students may receive extra support from Learning Support Assistants (LSA) or the Pupil and Family Support Worker. The frequency and intensity of this work will depend on the needs of the student.
- The SENDCo will be responsible for co-ordinating and overseeing the provision for SEND students on a day-to-day basis, with the Head teacher having overall responsibility. Student attainment is reviewed termly by the SENDCo and Head teacher to ensure the arrangements in place are effective in ensuring students make progress.
- A member of the governing body has responsibility for overseeing the provision for students with SEND. Their role involves liaising with the SENDCo and reporting back to the full governing body about SEND provision in the school.
- If you have any queries about the support your child receives the SENDCo, Claire Kerridge, is the best person to contact.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

- Teachers at Newnham Middle School know their students very well and they personalise their lessons to ensure each student's needs are met.
- When a student enters the school in Year 5 they spend the majority of their time with one main class teacher. This ensures that a key member of staff gets to know students very quickly and any additional needs can be identified. The class teacher can then liaise with other members of staff, including the SENDCo, to ensure each child's needs are met.
- The support a student receives is determined on an individual basis and we are flexible in our approach to adapting the curriculum and the learning environment to meet a student's needs.
- Learning Support Assistants are also deployed on a personalised, flexible basis to ensure a student has the necessary support to achieve but enough freedom to become an independent, resilient learner.

The support we give to your child's well being

- All students receive pastoral support from their class or form teacher. If a student needs a higher level of support they may work with our Pupil and Family Support Worker. The Pupil and Family Support Worker work with students on an individual or small group basis with a focus on productive activities such as cooking, outdoor education and sports.
- In their time at Newnham pupils follow a PSHCEE curriculum. This curriculum is designed to enable pupils to develop personal resilience, accept differences, deal with the challenges of adolescence, prepare for adult life and participate in sex and relationship education.
- Newnham Middle School has a medical room and first aid trained staff. Medicine administration and personal care needs are assessed on an individual basis in consultation with families.
- Views of pupils are sought in a variety of ways at Newnham Middle School. Pupils with a statement of SEND have their views listened to through their contribution to their annual review of their statement. Other ways pupil's views are sought include pupil surveys and a class representative system.

The expertise we have access to

- The SENDCo, Claire Kerridge, has the National Award in Special Educational Needs Co-Ordination and is experienced in working with students with a variety of needs that may present themselves in an inclusive school.
- Two Learning Support Assistants are qualified to deliver 'Sounds Write' which is a programme to support students with their literacy skills.
- The school also regularly works with a variety of outside agencies from health, therapy and social care including:
o Educational Psychologists
o Autism Spectrum Disorder Team
o Speech & Language Therapy Team
o Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
o Hearing Impaired Team
o Visual Impaired Team
- This list is not exhaustive and Newnham Middle School is committed to communicating and working with professionals involved with a child or family.

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

- Newnham Middle School is committed to inclusion and will do their best to ensure students are able to access activities outside of the classroom including school trips. Any specific needs of students with SEND will be carefully considered when planning trips and where appropriate conversations with families will take place and risk assessments will be carried out. Support for trips is deployed on an individual basis in response to a child's needs.
- Trips are communicated to parents by letter in the first instance although if you have specific questions about the accessibility of a trip the class teacher, form tutor or SENDCo will be happy to discuss this by phone or in person. For residential trips information evenings are held to give parents a more detailed overview of the itinerary and what to expect.
- Breakfast clubs, homework clubs and break and lunchtime clubs are available to all students and we welcome students with SEND at these clubs. If necessary support can be arranged to enable participation in these activities.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

- If your child has a Statement of SEN, the SENDCo will attend the annual review of the plan or statement in Year 4 wherever possible.
- If your child is identified as having SEND, whether they have a Statement or not, in the summer term of Year 4 the SENDCo will meet with the Lower School SENDCo to transfer current information about the student including support that will be required for them to be successful at Middle School. Transfer days take place in the summer term and additional visits and transition activities can be arranged on an individual or small group basis if appropriate.
- If your child has a Statement of SEND and is moving to Upper School, the SENDCo will invite the SENDCo of the Upper School to the Year 8 annual review in preparation.
- If your child is identified as having SEND, whether they have a Statement or not, in the summer term of Year 8, the SENDCo will transfer information about the student and their support needs to the SENDCo of the Upper School and agree a transition plan. If necessary Learning Support Assistants or Teachers will attend visit days at the Upper School with the student.
- If a child with SEND is transferring from another school mid-year, the transition programme will be agreed with the student and family on an individual basis. If your child has SEND and you want to discuss transition arrangements please contact the SENDCo Claire Kerridge on 01234 303403 or

How we match our resources to your child

- If a child has a Statement of SEND the school will ensure the child has access to the provision described in that document. The provision will be reviewed termly in partnership with parents and the student to ensure it is suitable in enabling students to make good progress whilst enabling them to take responsibility for their own learning and development.
- The way other students with SEND are supported is determined on an individualised basis. The SENDCo will look carefully at attainment levels, progress, advice from outside agencies and other needs the students may have to ensure support and resources are deployed in the most effective way to meet the needs of the young person. The support your child receives will be discussed at parents' evenings and if you have any questions at other times the SENDCo, class teacher or form teacher will be happy to address any queries.
- The impact of support is reviewed termly by the SENDCo, LSA team and Head teacher to ensure the student is receiving the correct level of support to enable them to make progress. Regular meetings take place between the SENDCo, LSA team and class teachers.
- The school SEND budget is allocated to ensure that students' needs are met and support and additional resources are allocated on an individualised basis.

How we involve parents

- There are formal opportunities within the school calendar for parents to become involved in their child's education for example at parents' evenings and on information evenings. They are also invited to support various school events throughout the year for example, the school show. Parents also have the opportunity to meet with class or form teachers on an individual basis and at drop-in sessions.
- The school encourages a close relationship with parents and members of staff including the SENDCo, class teacher and form teacher are always happy to discuss a student's needs.

How we include your child in the planning of their support

- At Newnham Middle School, excellent relationships are fostered between students and members of staff to ensure students feel comfortable and confident having conversations about their education.
- All members of staff have conversations with students about what they're learning, why they're learning it and how they learn best.
- Students with SEND may have these conversations more frequently and on a 1:1 basis if appropriate. Students with SEND's views are sought before review meetings about their learning and wherever possible students are also actively involved in these meetings.
- Students have the opportunity to be a representative on the school council and students with SEND are supported through the wider participation agenda, which means their involvement in extra-curricular visits are identified and monitored through event requests.

General Contact Information

The first point of contact to discuss something or are worried about a child with SEND is the SENDCO, Claire Kerridge. She can be contacted on 01234 303403.
You can also contact your child's class teacher or form teacher who would be happy to discuss your child's needs.

Contact for more information

Claire Kerridge
Polhill Avenue, Bedford, MK41 9DT
01234 303403
01234 303404

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