Care Forum (MK) Ltd

What our service does

Care Forum is a Home Support Service for Children and Young People with a Physical or Learning Disability and their families providing support either in their own homes or in the community. We provide carers with a break from the caring role and give them time for other family members.

We enable young people to participate in community activities and integrate into society, enabling them to gain independence and social skills to fulfill their potential. We offer support to families in the day to day care of their children where extra help is needed such as morning or evening routines, mealtimes, personal care and health care needs. We support children in school settings and assist with managing behaviours.

We offer overnight and weekend care in the child's own home to enable parents to sleep or take a short break away. We accompany parents on day trips if additional help is needed.

Sessions range from an hour to help with routines, 3 or 4 hours in the community to an evening sit or taking a child on holiday for a week.

Location of our service

We are based in Aspley Guise and cover the whole of Central Bedfordshire as well as providing support in Bedford Borough, Bucks, Milton Keynes and Northampton.

Who our service provides for

We provide support for children from 0-18 and occasionally for young adults, particularly if we have worked with them before they reached 18. We can care for children with physical and learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, challenging behaviour and complex needs (including gastrostomy feeds, epilepsy, oxygen and suctioning).

How to start using our service

Parents and carers can contact us directly to receive a service. There is a charge of £17.85 per hour which includes the carer's tax and NI, annual leave, travel costs to and from the child, training, insurance and management on-costs. We provide services to parents on Direct Payments or who are in receipt of provision via solicitors. The majority of our referrals are received directly from Social Services.

When we receive a referral we identify the most suitable worker/s by looking at who is in the vicinity, who has the skills and knowledge and who is available to provide care on an ongoing basis. We do not hold waiting lists and if we do not have a carer available we try and recruit in that area.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

We offer a service to all children with disabilities where funding is agreed and where we can identify a suitable carer.

How we communicate with our service users

When we receive a referral and it is likely we can provide a worker we will visit the family to complete a detailed care plan. We involve the child in this wherever possible and also take advice from the parent as to which activities the child enjoys and what outcomes are being aimed for. Some staff are trained in Maketon, sign-a-long, sign language and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication). We have a service user's guide, leaflet and feedback procedure. We complete reports at the end of each session and a copy is given to the parent/carer. We review the care with the family at least every 12 months and always welcome comments on how we are doing.
We can offer guidance and support to parents within the home regarding routines, sleep and behaviour management.

Accessibility of our service

All support is provided either within the child's own home or in the community. We endeavour to find facilities that meet the child's individual needs and seek out suitable facilities for children who use wheelchairs or need personal care when out.

Qualifications and training of our staff

All staff receive training in Safeguarding, Handling and Moving, Keeping Safe (positive handling strategies for managing behaviours) and First Aid. We also offer specialist training in autism, gastric feeding, epilepsy, oxygen and suctioning depending on the needs of the child the worker is supporting. On-line courses such as Food Hygiene, Disability Awareness and Safety are also on offer. The majority of staff have Degrees, Diplomas or NVQ's / QCF's in Health and Social Care and those that don't are put on the training by Care Forum.

General Contact Information

Please contact Kerry, Lynn, Tia or Tamara on 01908 584136 any of whom would be glad to discuss your child's needs. Each child will have a designated Team Leader who can discuss you day to day requirements, plan your support and ensure the carer meets your child's needs.

Contact for more information

Kerry Swan
Managing Director
112 West Hill, Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes, MK17 8DX
01908 584136
01908 584136
Opening Hours:
All days and nights excluding Bank Holidays.

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