Clapham Preschool (Bedford)

Mission Statement

"At Clapham Preschool we strongly believe the rights of inclusion within mainstream schools and that all children have a right to be part of their community and to be welcomed and included in our provision".

How we support your child's learning

A child's learning at Preschool is supported through play. The child's journey will start with induction at home visit identifying the individual needs of the child, so that these can be met at Preschool. The visit will be with the child's keyperson who will start to build a profile of the child - which will include learning journeys, individual education plans (these are reviewed with parents at regular intervals). There will be a homelink book to support parent partnerships.

Accessibility of our service

The setting is wheelchair accessible and there is a disabled toilet and changing area.
Communication with parents with EAL is through members of staff being able to speak other languages and a diverse team of staff. Equipment can be secured with SEN funding.

How we identify SEN

From starting at Preschool, the keyperson and the whole team work closely in supporting observations of child settling-in. At 4-6 weeks a child's "starting points" is done. If there are any concerns, SENDCO is made aware and more observations done on the child to support concerns. At all times working closely with parents and within EYFS age bands.

How we support your child/young person

The keyperson, SENDCO and manager will consult regularly to support the child's learning and development. Any discussions will be regularly updated to parents this will include any further support required.
The setting will follow each child's learning and development program within EYFS and work with any outside agencies.

How we match the curriculum to your child's needs

The EYFS curriculum will be matched to the child's individual needs, supporting inclusion at all times. The environment will be adapted to the needs of the individual child with supporting other to join in.

The support we give to your child's well being

The setting is a great believer in the child's voice. The setting will follow it's policy on adminstering medication at the setting. This is very important for well-being of the child. The child will have a 'medical care plan' drawn up with parents and practitioner who will work closely with parents to keep it updated.

The expertise we have access to

Most staff at the setting are qualified to Level 3 and above.
We work closely with 'Child Development Centre' and currently have a staff member working 1:1 with a child with hearing impairment learning 'British Sign Language'.

How we include your child in extra curricular activities

All children are invited to take part in activities outside school by sending parents permission letters. A meeting with parents, health and safety officer and manager is set-up assessing any risks. A 1:1 will be put into place if not already in place.

How we prepare your child to join us or transfer to another setting

At registration the setting will work very closely in partnership with parents and hopefully have the support of the previous setting mapping out additional needs so that we can support a smooth transition for the child and family, building positive partnerships.

How we match our resources to your child

The decision on resources and environment provided will be made to the child's individual needs betweend SENDCO, keyperson, manager and any other professionals involved. These needs will take into account health and safety risk assessments and setting policies.

How we involve parents

Parents are involved from the point of enquiring about the setting. The setting is a firm believer that "parents are the first educators of the child's needs". They will be involved in all decisions, consultations either verbally or through homelink book. The child's profile is available to look at. There will be regular IEP reviews.

How we include your child in the planning of their support

Children included in the planning process through their voice, interests and charateristics of learning. The voice will be heard through consultations, circle times, 1:1 communication with adults.

General Contact Information

The first ponit of contact could be the keyperson to the child.
Any concerns can be discussed confidentially with the manager.
The SENDCO is always available to talk. All staff pictures are displayed in the lobby with their key roles identified.

Contact for more information

Dawn Talats
Preschool Manager
King George VI Playing Field, High Street, Clapham, Bedfordshire, MK41 6BP
01234 341142
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 8.30 - 16.00

Record Last Reviewed On: 21/03/2017