Carlton Preschool

What our service does

Carlton preschool is a community based, voluntary managed setting, situated in the heart of Carlton village. It operates from a large room adjoining the Lower School/Village Hall. There is access to the toilet area, which includes one small toilet and an accessible/disable toilet, with hand washing facilities. There is a secure fenced garden area, allowing free flow play. The typical activities we do daily by following the seven areas of EYFS curriculum such as: painting, sand play, water play, role play, small world, puzzles, stories, mark making and cooking (once or twice week).

We don’t have any limitation to support children’s learning but however, activities such as: fundamental (sports session) has set up time.

Location of our service

We are based in Carlton Village Hall, Carlton village is in north Bedfordshire.

Who our service provides for

We take children 2 years to 5 years old. We follow the Early Year Foundation stage. We provide equality and would welcome children with all disabilities. However, if parents need support we will signpost them to the appropriate service.

How to start using our service

Anyone can make direct contact to the preschool leader or deputy leader between 9 to 1pm. Our hourly rate is £3.78 per hour to children who are not eligible for 2 years old funding. Personal budgets can be added for additional hours eg, if a child attend more than seventeen hours at preschool and the child is only funded for fifteens hours, they will have to pay for 2 hours.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

Preschool leader and deputy work very closely with committee and all the committee members are parents who use our service, both parties have regular meetings before making any decision with regarding any external matters such as: fundraising, trips etc. However, with regarding any internal matters within preschool the preschool leader and Chair make the decisions and will have clear explanations.

How we communicate with our service users

We communicate through newsletters, Global messages, regular meetings and seeing them daily basis. Staff have the attended the training to gain basic knowledge of signing at C.D.C. in Kempston.

So far our all parents are English speaking, however, if any situation arises we would provide a translator to break the communication barrier.

To ensure all children achieve the EYFS curriculum, staff plan the educational activities and have regular meeting with parents/ carers. We don’t offer any training to parent’s however, we advise them about the drop-in centre in Queens Park. We also offer them the leaflets of the local ‘Sure start’ centre.

Accessibility of our service

The building is fully assessed by OFSTED to ensure, Our building is easily accessible to the public transport and we do have parking facilities. The building is fully wheelchair accessible and there are disabled changing and toilet facilities for children and adults.

We follow our equality policy, therefore we would adapt our setting according to the child’s individual needs. We would include the individual needs into our planning and track their achievements and plan further activities.

We would meet with the parents termly to discuss the children’s individual learning achievements and next steps.

We will assist a child with an additional need by giving them 1 to 1 learning support throughout their sessions this will include help to enable them access all the activities.

Qualifications and training of our staff

We have a safeguarding coordinator and SEND Co-coordinator to support children’s individual needs and staffs have regular training to promote their needs. We work very closely with the local authority to seek any professional advice when required. We do not have any of our staff member affiliated with national bodies.

General Contact Information

Preschool (Amandeep) or Deputy Leader (Georgie) is there to support and discuss and any matter. It will be highly confidential.

Contact for more information

Amandeep Kumar
Preschool Leader
Village Hall, The Moor, Carlton, Bedfordshire, MK43 7JR
01234 720194
Opening Hours:
Open Term Time 9.00am to 12 noon each weekday

Lunch club 12-1pm daily

Record Last Reviewed On: 23/06/2015