Busy Bees (Bedford Elstow)

What our service does

Provide childcare for children 6 weeks - 5 years, offering Full Time, morning & afternoon sessions.

We offer lots of enhancements – Babble to Chatter, Talk Time, Busy Babies, Communication Station, Wake and Shake, Shake & Write, Numeracy & Literacy, Tennis.

We liaise with the Local authority & other professionals regarding an individual Child's specific additional needs.

Location of our service

The Nursery is based within Progress park- alongside the Park & Ride behind the Audi Car garage. We are accessible from the A421 & A6. We have children that attend from Luton, Northampton, Milton Keynes and all areas within Bedford.

We are a purpose built nursery and are able to offer free flow into the large garden area from all departments.

Who our service provides for

The nursery is accessible for all families with children between the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years.

We accept children that are eligible for 2 & 3 year funding.

Parents Childcare vouchers are accepted, this could possibly save a maximum of £2116 per year and both parents are eligible to claim them through their Payroll.

All children within 6 weeks - 5 years are welcome regardless of their needs and disabilities. Advice would be sought from appropriate professionals for their specific needs.

How to start using our service

You are able to book appointments through our webpage to ensure there is somebody available to show you around and tell you about all the opportunities available for your child.

We’d love to hear from you so please call the nursery and we will be happy to arrange an appointment that is suitable for yourself.

We offer NEF 8.30-11.30 for 3 year olds Free of Charge, however this funding is available stretched over 52 weeks for children that access part time or full time day care.

How decisions are made about who can use our service

At the time of your enquiry we will make you aware of the places available. These spaces are secured once booking information has been completed and returned to the nursery with a £50 deposit. Fees are paid on the 1st of each month in advance.

We ensure all parents fully understand our Terms and conditions prior to booking their child’s space.

How we communicate with our service users

We have an information booklet that explains all about Busy Bees. We include a list of sessions available along with the Fees charged, information about Childcare vouchers, a Childs details form, application booking form and a copy of our Terms & Conditions.

Parents are asked to have 3 settling visits with their child before starting the nursery. This allows the parent and Key person to gain all the relevant information to ensure the Child’s individual needs are met.

If we have a parent who’s first Language is not English we try to find out what their first language is to see if we have a staff member, parent or friend of the family to translate for us.

When your child starts we ask questions about what your child is able to do at home and record this on an Early Assessment Record.

Communicating with Parents is extremely important to ensure we offer continuity of care for your child. We feedback information daily on drop off and collection and also have a daily diary for our under two year olds.

Each child has a learning Journal that has observation and photos to show how they are developing.

We also complete a development summary twice a year which have a section for the parent to add their comments. We track children’s progression and ensure that we offer additional support for children if needed, but you will be advised if we feel this is the case. We also hold a parent evening twice yearly.

We have a rising 3’s evening for all the children moving into 3-5’s room. Here we discuss and showcase the enhancements available within the age group.

We hold several open days within the year, these are held at the weekend and rooms are set out with activities to showcase what we offer. The nursery team are available to answer any questions and demonstrate activities that have been set out.

Accessibility of our service

The Nursery is situated alongside the Park & Ride just of the A6 & A421.

The Nursery is purpose built all on one level and wheelchair accessible. We have an accessible toilet and changing facilities are available within the rooms.

Activities within the nursery are available at all levels and can be placed on tables, floor etc. to meet individual Childs needs.

All staff encourages all children to access activities in all areas. For example if a child avoids the messy area but loves to play with cars, we would place the cars in the paint tray.

Qualifications and training of our staff

All staff have completed Safeguarding training. Two staff have SENCo training.

The Nursery links with other professionals such as Speech & Language, Child Development Centre.

General Contact Information

There is always a member of the management team at hand to discuss any concerns you may have. Each child is allocated a Key Person and they will be your first contact.

Please contact the office on 01234 330220 to enquire about our Nursery, we are always happy to help.

Contact for more information

Sarah Vobe
Nursery Manager
3 Progress Park, Elstow, Bedfordshire, MK42 9XF
01234 330220
Opening Hours:
7.30am - 6.00pm, Monday to Friday

Record Last Reviewed On: 23/06/2015