Care & Support

This section of our guide provides details around social care support services for Children and Young People. Bedford Borough now have an integrated Children’s and Adults’ Services Directorate. This will mean a more integrated approach to care and a smoother transition from children’s to adults’ services.

Check out Bedford Borough’s health and social care pages for a comprehensive overview of the support and services that are on offer.

Click the Childrens or Adults button to find out more specific information about the services that will meet your needs.

Children and Young People with Disabilities Register

The children and young people with disabilities register is a database that holds information about children and young people, aged 0 – 25 years, who have a disability and live in Bedford Borough.

The register helps us keep families informed about local services which are available and parents / carers may find useful. It also helps Bedford Borough Council to plan and develop services for children with disabilities.

If you are aged 18-25 or are the parent, or have parental responsibility for a disabled child / young person, you can add your/their details to the register by completing our registration form.

You can download a leaflet regarding the register or a registration form by clicking on the links below: